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For this, we made the “moving” magnetic field by adding alternating current to the coil L1, resulting in alternating magnetic flux passing through coil L2. Among these missiles were the SS, one of the most powerful and efficient liquid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missiles, called Satan by the Americans, and the solid-propellant SS ICBM Scalpel in silo-based and rail-mobile versions, etc.

Any asymmetrical transformer must be adjusted. In the first case, the problem for the oscillating circuit is to “create” an electromagnetic field which has a high intensity electrical component in ambient space. Vladimir Fyodorovich Utkin Russian: In a first part we show the basic designs of brushless More information. Aron Day 2 years ago Views: When you charge a capacitor C from your source of energy, you charge a wire of the primary coil also.

After connecting to this higher energy level from the energising coil, electrons from the ground can charge a capacitor to utkib very high level. Another of Donald Smith’s schematics uses electromagnets instead of a single output coil. Very low, and very high loads will give almost no energy in the load because the current flowing in the output circuit is restricted by the current flowing in the resonant circuit.

That is, the higher the spark frequency caused by a higher voltage across the spark gapthe higher the power output vkadimir the greater the efficiency of the process.


The potential voltage at any point of the electric field is a scalar quantity!!! You have to provide the other support point only and a cord in order to produce mechanical energy again.

However, from the point of view of kinetic energy, all of these examples, 12 and 3 are different. It is also helpful to consider the properties of the electrostatic field.

Vladimir Utkin

We add a load to coil L2 as it is now able to provide output current: This vital factor happens because the coil is wound with two opposing halves. This is a well known fact read books. The secondary coil – is the second plate of the capacitor.

Almost no energy is needed in order to create and maintain such a “bait” And, one more schematic of Don Smith device is shown here itkin Fig.

Each discharge inter-turn capacitance, the current in the solenoids is increased in accordance with the energy conservation lawand increases the power output of the entire device. Effectiveness depends also on the frequency at which the excitation spark occurs. Power is fed via a spark gap which produces a very sharp square wave signal which contains every frequency in it. Chapter 11 Inductors Objectives Describe the basic structure and characteristics of an inductor Discuss various types of inductors Analyze series inductors Analyze parallel inductors Analyze inductive.

Amplification is not possible without applying power If it is possible to arrange a magnetic field feedback loop for mechanical devices, then it is probably possible to arrange it for solid-state devices like vladimid and capacitors. A straight length of wire moves through a uniform magnetic field. This presentation introduces the design and operation principle of the brushless maxon EC motors. Some readers may well find it a bit technical in the later stages, but the initial information can be understood by anybody.

It takes more charges flowing from the ground to annihilate the external field at the instant of the second spark, because the capacitance of the plate on the right is far greater.

  LEI 12694 DE 2012 PDF

Chapter 22: Vladimir Utkin and Lenz s Law

These masses are balanced across the centre of rotation, that is, are located at a distance proportional to their weights, from the center of rotation. Current and voltage are induced in the output coil L 2. The output coil can be adjusted to resonate with the input coil, but this is not important for understanding the principle. That is so stupid that it is difficult to believe that anyone would do it, but that is exactly how motors and transformers are designed and built.

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Excitation with just a single spark is possible. The frequency of f1 is much higher than that of f2. In the stable region of operation in the motoring mode, the curve is rather steep and goes from zero torque. One can explain it by considering the moments when both diodes are conducting and so, shunt the circuit.

STEP 3 The output waveform from the L-C circuit is then manipulated to provide an output which oscillates at the frequency on the local mains supply 50 Hz or 60 Hz typically. What use is a vladimjr rod in Free-Energy devices?

Ideally, it is only necessary for the high-voltage capacitor be fully charged once. The charging system is screened, or “blinded”, to use the terminology of Mr. When you do that, the voltage between adjacent turns will be the same as the voltage between the ends of the whole coil!!! Electrons flow around a circular wire loop in a horizontal plane, in a direction that is clockwise when viewed from above.

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