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Chatur Birbal Gujarati I’m an existing customer. Enter the Email associated with your account, then click Submit. Vikram answers that Gunkar failed as he did not follow the way properly as he was distracted and cut it into two and went home. Looking at the philanthropic work he beta, she expresses that she too wishes to leave her palace and help poor people just like he does.

The warrior, the storries or the engineer? But, Yashodhan is also well skilled in punishing the culprits. I’ve forgotten my password.

This puts a dilemma situation to the commander as his loyalty to king is tested.

Using the engineer’s Viman, all 3 arrive at the demon’s place and the warrior manages to defeat the demon. On her way she meets a Birdman who understands and talks with birds. The Diwan’s son disguised as a thief steals Padmavati’s Jewelry and then again disguised as a sage goes to king and says that the girl with the particular jewelry has enticed him sexually.

Her father, mother and brother were happy for her and wanted to get her married. Goddess answers her prayers and decides to bring them both alive.

The king is more sinful as Prince has loved the girl and Diwan’s son is only helping his friend but the King had exiled an innocent girl without any proof or evidence. Gunkar loses his poor father’s all hard earned money in gambling.


I’m a new customer. Impressed by his unique skill she asks him to come to the palace and teach her too. Subscribe for email notification upon availability. Mahamantri Lilliput as the Painter Shamsuddin as Rakshas amrita ghosh as the gandharv kanyya. Mahamantri’s Wife Ramesh Bhatkar As a result, he broke off with the girl and sacrifices her and tells the king that she is ready for marriage with the king.

They remain children’s favourite even today. Virvar with his mighty physical strength gains the position of being bodyguard to King Rupsen.

Vikram Vetal (Gujarati) – Set of 5 Books –

Notify me when this item is back in stock Submit. But, the King of Karnapur is also smitten by her and intends to marry her. This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat They send an invitation to the King, in return the king sends his darbaris to inspect about the girl whether she is qualified enough to be the Queen. After returning, Gunkar finishes his second step.

Beetal tells him a story of Suryamal, who falls in love with a woman and marries her with her parents’ consent.

Who is more sinful and culprit among the three Prince, Diwan’s Son or the King? Somprabha is a beautiful and multi talented girl ready age to get married. Registering a new account is quick and easy Retrieved 7 November Suryamal’s bride, a devout worshipper of goddess Durgatries to commit suicide after seeing her husband dead.


Excited with joy, bride puts Suryamal’s head on his friend’s body and vice versa.

Add Your Own Review. One day the goddess of wealth Raj Laxmi tells Virvar that a demon who beral in a cave will soon wake up and eat the king to satisfy his hunger. Midway after completing first step Gunkar decides to go home and meet his family.

King Veerketu is king of Ayodhya. Back in her palace, the King decides that she should now get married and announces that all suitable Grooms can present themselves. In his kingdom, there lived a rich couple who plans to marry their beautiful and able daughter off to king.

Vikram Vetal (Gujarati) – Set of 5 Books

Enter your email address and password to login Somprabha’s mother also meets a poet who had written about her charm, mother also offers him the same and he also accepted.

King Yashodhan is a just and kind king of his Kingdom.

Upon this discovery, the king resolves to visit the mendicant, who arranges a meeting under a banyan tree in a cremation ground beyond the city, at night, on the 14th day of the dark half of the month.

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