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VDA VOLUME PART 2 РTECHNICAL CLEANLINESS IN ASSEMBLY РENVIRONMENT, LOGISTICS, PERSONNEL AND ASSEMBLY EQUIPMENT. 1st edition, (Czech ) The content of this publication was prepared by the industrial alliance,,Cleanliness in assembly“ (Montagesauberkeit РMontSa). 8 Aug The participants of the training module will also receive printed versions of the VDA and VDA standards in the Czech language as.

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The training spectrum ranges from QM seminars for management, through courses in quality methods and tools for process improvement, to qualification and continuing professional development of internal, lead and certification auditors.

The roles and responsibilities undertaken by the QMC are varied and vxa questions surrounding quality management in the automotive industry occupy us on daily basis.

Welcome to VDA QMC

Standards, interpretations thereof and announcements appear in these publication series as well as in the QMC Vfa, thereby, creating the basis for training and certification. Audit Manager VDA 6.

Furthermore, the worldwide support of our licensees is subject to the training and professional development department. The spectrum ranges from developing systems and methods to shaping the future of quality management systems in the automotive industry.

Training and professional development The primary task of the VDA QMC training department is to convey the output of the Working Groups to employees of the automotive industry via sector-specific QM training programs.


Home Contact Imprint Business Terms. In our audit report, we will clearly document potentials and recognized critical elements based on the audit evidence and the underlying requirements. Coordination with the other Oversight Offices, in order to ensure worldwide comparability of the IATF certification process.

This also includes data collection, internal and external service, analysis, and reporting. Do you need assistance in vfa out your audit?

VDA and VDA Audit | TopQM-Systems global Audit Support in the Automotive Industry

Our TopQM philosophy guarantees you that the conduct of our auditors will be the picture of decency and loyalty. Your benefits with TopQM Systems: We look forward to your inquiry. The annual summit meeting hosts top-ranking representatives of the automotive industry. You allways want to be informed about Automotive News?

Assembly line optimization according to the VDA This audit report will be supplemented by recommendations for action that are vdq from the wealth of experience of our auditors. Our experienced and practice-oriented auditors will prepare your audit in detail on the basis of a process analysis.

The TopQM team will then inform the areas being audited. As a customer, you will 19.22 Our focus lies in the total transfer of quality know-how directly to the user.

VDA 19.1 Technical Cleanliness and VDA 19.2 Assembly Cleanliness Audit

These developments, as well as the direction of QMC, are steered by the top-level committee regarding quality matters in the German automotive industry: You as well can achieve contaminant-free parts by means of cleaning or preventive production and assembly optimization.


Coordination is carried out flexibly on the day of the audit with an opening and follow-up meeting, along with prompt feedback sent to the audit participants. New publications English and German. Whom do we offer VDA Auditing experience in Technical Cleanliness since Numerous long-term Technical Cleanliness projects in supplier development and process optimization Licensed training provider of VDA QMC Authorized VDA Auditors Global auditor network multilingual Audits conducted in a way that is clear and simple System adjusted for the size of the company Logical and understandable audit documentation Do you need assistance in carrying out your audit?

All seminars are led by experienced trainers from the automotive 19., in accordance with our motto: Then click here to contact us. What is the goal of a VDA At a kick-off meeting, we will determine deadlines and the audit plan with vra.