+ Visual Basics Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do you 1″ at the top. now the array will start from Index By default the index starts from 0 . Default controls of VB6, These control are always available in VB6 Toolbox. Visual Basic Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Visual Basic ( VB) is the third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated. How do you register a component? Compiling the component, running REGSVR32 Name and explain the different compatibility types when creating.

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ADO can access data from both flat files as well as the databases.

Jasbir Rajpal Feb 26th, Listbox has multiple item to choose from while combobox provides a text box with a listbox so that user can also give input incase required. Windows API interview question and answers for vb6. Forward Only Fastest, can only move.

Syntax Errors, RuntimeLogic. What are the main components of the ADO object model? Multiple people can not modify the same code at the same time. How many images can be placed in the image list? Each client app that uses the component starts a new instance of it.

Name the four different cursor types in ADO and describe them briefly. It is container control, by using tab control we can place more controls. Cls Global through out the all project only thing is we want to set the type lib.


Jon Nov 24th, DAO came first, and was bundled with Microsoft Access, but it can be used to access other databases as well, but RDO is a better set of objects for accessing other types of remote databases. Shape and line controls are useful for drawing graphical elements on the surface of a form. Dropdown Combo Only Drop Down. You can specify the machine name when instantiating the remote server object.

Simple Single SelectExtended. Each client app that uses the component starts a new instance of it. Simple —Single SelectExtended. The image, shape and line controls are considered to be lightweight controls; that is, they support only a subset of the properties, methods, and events found in the picture box.

Spring is an open source framework created to address the complexity of enterprise application development.

Publicprivate, Friend. What is the difference between Image and Picture box controls? The code running question an ActiveX Exe is running in a separate process space.

Cascade Delete, Cascade Update is done setting property of Attributes.? Object linking and embedding, for using to other object classes like word, excelautocad objects in our own applications, only thing we have to add reference for these objects.

Errors are caught at compile time. Why we use Treeview Control? Important For the purpose of releasing compatible versions of a component, Project Compatibility is the same as No Compatibility.

This method requires two parametersthe field name and the field data type. There is no difference to the caller between a call coming from a process on a remote machine and a call coming from another process on the same machine.


Function will return value but a sub procedure wont return values. The cursor types are listed from least to most resource intensive.

Cursors are an extension to result sets that provide that mechanism. What is the default model of the form? How vb6.00 locate it? How may type of controls are available in VB6?

VB6 Interview Question and Answer

What are the locks available in Visual Basic? An of control share the same name. GUID does not change, references from other components will work Why is it important to use source control software for source code? What is the difference between a PictureBox and Image control?

What type of multi-threading does VB6 implement? Net and C ASP.

Visual Basics Interview Questions & Answers

What are different types of ActiveX components available in VB 6. Forward Only Fastest, can only move forward in recordset Static Can move to any record in the recordset. The internal MsgBox and InputBox forms are examples of modal forms.

It allows programmatically sort, merge, and format tables containing strings and pictures. Vb6.00 need to write functions.

The CreateThread function creates a thread to execute within the virtual address space of the calling process.