Stage Libary of USPSA, IDPA and multigun courses of fire. Easily design and build IDPA, USPSA and multigun stages online with our drag and drop interface and save it to the lobrary. Upload stages fron your computer. USPSA Stages. Fireline Shooting and Training Center – Stages · Northwoods Practical Shooters – Stages · Holmen Practical Shooters – Stages.

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Our thanks to Kenneth J. Recent Coments Frank C. Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Shooters would have to be standing on the balance beam to engage a series of targets.

The Sheik Yerbouti Tango 4. Subscribe by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All we ask is that you give the individual stage authors proper credit. Please e-mail your comments or questions about this page to the webmaster. We have shot these at local matches, but they have not been made generally available before now.

This gives me a starting point that I can then build around. These are the Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates developed by Ken Wagner A, which I’ve used to generate all the stages on this page and in the Sourcebooks.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Service updated January Central Idea When I start designing a stage, I like to come up with a central array or shooting position.


Here are samples of what you’ll find in the resources below. Got a match coming up this weekend?

Georgia Section USPSA/IPSC Stage Depository

Barrels of Fun 2. Anyway, the GA Section Course Book is a collection uuspsa stage designs and scoresheets provided as a public service to match directors everywhere. In this case, I think the stage turned out better as a result of the setup tweaks. Right-click to download or left-click to view in new window. All match books distributed in Adobe Acrobat. Oh, all right, try it; but you probably won’t like the results very much. Under normal circumstances, any stage that I design I also take charge in setting up.

Any respectable uspsz capable of supporting Adobe Acrobat. Don’t even think about trying to use these with a dot-matrix printer.

We need your course descriptions. Menu – -. These are all in Adobe PDF format. Steel targets, swingers, twisters, and other interesting moving target stands. Field Course Supplement 1 Index Only 13k. The Running Man 2. You may use them as shown or stagess them in any way to fit your own needs. Left-click to view normally opens a new window or Right-click to download.

USPSA Classifiers – United States Practical Shooting Association

All external sites open in a new browser. If its not possible, we don’t care. Satges good-quality laser or inkjet printer. No measurements are provided on most stages: Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Notify me stagse follow-up comments by email. Or did someone dump a match into your lap at the last minute and tell you “guess what you get to do this weekend”?


Sorry Linux and WebTV! In this case, the idea struck me at work and I had to rely on a crude sketch to get me started. There is a place in the sport for all skill levels and it makes for an enjoyable day on the range.

Sourcebook, Volume 1 Index Only 13k. As expected, they ran into a few issues no matter how well you prepare, something ultimately comes up when you begin putting the stage on the ground and adjustments needed to be made. All sorts of reactive targets and range equipment.

Trident Stage Designer

My stages seem to go over well with shooters and I seem to have developed a reputation for creating challenging stages. Can’t think of any stages to shoot? Click icon to get your free copy. If you have an idea for an interesting course of fire, find staages problem or have comments, email to me here. Some have been modified to account for changes in the rules and to fix problems that might prevent use by a local club in their match.

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