17 Feb Borderline ovarian tumours differ from epithelial ovarian cancer by their low .. Gouy S. Cirugía de los tumores epiteliales malignos del ovario. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Cistadenofibroma endometrioide borderline de ovario: un tumor infrecuente | Existen pocos casos publicados de. Corte histológico de tumor borderline de ovário. Coloração hematoxilina-eosina. Aumento de 10x. Presença de múltiplas projeções papilíferas revestidas por.

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The frequency of these tumors in the population increased from 1 case to 5. If possible, carefully evaluate and remove the implants.

Management of borderline ovarian tumours: a comprehensive review of the literature

Standard chemotherapy regimens for invasive ovarian cancer are used if any medical therapy is given. Malignancy arising in cystic ovarian teratomas.

Follow-ups Twenty-five percent of recurrences were diagnosed after five years [ 14 ], though relapses may actually occur 15 years after surgery, so patients must be border,ine monitored for a long time.

Prognosis in Borderline Ovarian Cancer Patients with bordderline tumors have an excellent overall prognosis. Received Dec Mucinous tumors are most often stage I at time tumir diagnosis, and it is quite unusual to find extraovarian disease in tumors of mucinous origin.

Hysterectomy seems unnecessary for these women, since the appearance of recurrences of serous uterine tumours has not been observed [ 3 ]. It is considered a predictor of recurrence in invasive form [ 27 ]. Ruptured benign cystic teratomas mimicking gynecologic malignancy.

Theoretically, long-term survival would be ovariio in patients with non-optimal staging with invasive implants, although the data do not seem to be statistically significant in the literature, probably due to the good overall prognosis of BOT and the low number of cases of each series [ 47101415 ].

To date, no medical therapy has been shown to clearly improve outcomes. There has been much discussion as to whether conservative ovqrio, specifically, cystectomy, performed with laparoscopy could lead to higher relapse rates as compared with laparotomy, because of the increased risk of cyst rupture NCCN clinical practice guidelines in oncology, ovarian, fallopian tube and primaryperitoneal cancers 1.


Borderline Ovarian Cancer Borderline Tumor Overview

Gynecol Oncol ; Whether invasive implants imply a worse prognosis remains an tumor borderline de ovario question. Negava qualquer queixa gastrointestinal. J Comput Assist Tomogr ; However, there is also the possibility of performing the radical surgery sooner because of the psychological impact produced by waiting for the relapse to occur, even risking recurrence in the form of an invasive tumour [ 14 ]. Many, if not all, of these patients probably did not actually have stage I disease.

Gershenson and colleagues’ research indicated that the following factors had no effect on progression-free survival:. Surgery after recurrence There are two types of surgical treatment Table 2 for the ipsilateral ovary [ 3 ]: Many authors have used platinum-based agents, but with varying results.

However, the latest publications suggest that serous BOT with micropapillary pattern and without implants stage I or with non-invasive implants II and III could have the same prognosis as serous BOT without micropapillary pattern.

Fertility determinants after conservative surgery for mucinous borderline tumours of the ovary excluding peritoneal pseudomyxoma Hum Reprod.


Zapardiel I, et al. Surgical staging is based on operative findings, and consists ee carrying out all procedures in the standardised clinical guides explained below [ 13 ], either in a first surgery or a second, if required, although there tuumor a great deal of controversy around a second because it does not appear to affect patient survival [ 10 ]. Once the BOTs are completely removed surgically they may recur, and may be of the borderline type the majorityin which case survival is not affected, or of the invasive carcinoma type [ 212 ], in which case, the prognosis of these patients may be drastically affected.


Adjuvant treatment It has not been demonstrated that adjuvant treatment chemotherapy or radiation therapy improves the survival rate for patients with BOTs [ 1 ]. Given the excellent prognosis for borderline ovarian tumors, hysterectomy and contralateral oophorectomy are not necessary if the ovary appears normal if the patient wishes to preserve fertility.

The cause of death was determined to be benign complications of disease e. I have received consulting fees for: Slideshow in Review: One study showed bordfrline the only recurrences were noted in unstaged stage 1 borderline ovarian cancer.

They occur in younger women, which is why one of the objectives in these patients will be the preservation of fertility.

Check the list of NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with stage III borderline ovarian borderlibe epithelial-stromal tumor tumor borderline de ovario stage IV borderline ovarian surface epithelial-stromal tumor. Epithelial multilayering of more than 4 cell layers. Implications for clinical borderlije and ovarian cancer screening. Morice P, et al.

Go to Ovarian Cancer for more complete information on this topic. Developing an MR imaging strategy for diagnosis of ovarian masses. With the advent of microarray technology, the characterization of the tumor genome can now be studied. However, the benefit of treating tumors with invasive implants has been discussed.

Mature ovarian cystic teratoma with combined scamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. The histological criteria for diagnosis are: Int J Gynecol Pathol ; Borderpine one study, the most common presenting symptoms were abdominal pain, increasing girth or abdominal distention, and abdominal mass.