This is a reprint of five sermons delivered by Leslie D. Weatherhead to his Weatherhead clearly explains the three wills of God that he calls God’s Intentional. 10 Feb February The Three Wills Of God. I read a book some time ago entitled “The Will of God” by Leslie Weatherhead. Will Of God Revised: Leslie D. Weatherhead: Books – Amazon. ca. Weatherhead explains the 3 Wills of God – the Initial or Intentional Will, the and his grouping of the Will of God into three different categories is laudable.

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Apr 23, Linda rated it it was amazing. A drunken driver drove through a festival barricade trying to evade police, and in the process, struck and injured 25 people with his vehicle, killing two of them on a moped. I mean, how do I speak for God?

Weatherhead says the phrase is used too loosely; often, after some horrible tragedy, someone will say, “It is the will of God.

Discerning the will of God for us is kept real here leslle with many suggestions for signposts and supports along our daily way. Focused discussion with some dated language but important concepts.

Leslid 29, Machel rated it it was amazing. May 01, Diane rated it it was weafherhead Recommends it for: This is what I’m going to do. Because of the extra travel time involved, the paramedics try their best to save the child, but essentially arrive too late. It never felt tidy enough to simply fall into “intentional,” “circumstantial,” or “ultimate.


WW2 references to the Blitz are very difficult for today’s reader to connect I found Weatherhead’s presentation of ideas informative and enlightening but his “categories” were not all that helpful. No ‘end’ which God has in mind can be imposed from without; for his end, the at-one-ment of all souls with him, must come from man’s choice of God’s way, not the impression of God’s will in irresistible might which leaves no room for choice.

This is as opposed to utilitarianism or consequentialism which suggests that the ends justify the means.

Liberal Protestantism than classical Methodism. With World War II as a backdrop and bomb shelters scattered throughout LondonWeatherhead had difficulty ascribing everything that happens to us as the will of Godthat is, God’s intended will or plan for our lives. He also confirms the idea that the “laws of the universe, which are themselves an expression of God’s will, were not set aside for Jesus” on the Cross. A toddler boy is left in his backyard playing with his elementary age school brothers and sisters.

The Will of God (Part 1)

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t believe in God; or you do believe in a god of some sort, but a weak-willed god. Excellent exposition on an off misused phrase.

And while he explains that well, he ducked the obvious question about weatnerhead resurrection defying the laws of the universe, or all the miracles of the Bible not in accordance with the laws of nature, at least the laws where scientific knowledge exists.

Oct 24, Karen Hartley rated it it was amazing. He then asks, “Have I got the courage to lfslie God’s will when I discern it?


The Will of God by Leslie D. Weatherhead

Refresh and try again. It certainly cleared up what is fo a very foggy and subjective issue for me. The closest paramedics are already assisting a call for help, so a second team farther away is summoned.

It is also quite a short book and can be read in one sitting if that is the desire.

The Will of God

His explinations and examples are clear and to the point. If all of us upon this globe could live by just those basic ten laws, nothing else, would we ever need a jail system again except for perhaps the mentally deranged? Books by Leslie D.

Conscience, common sense, advice from a friend, reading great literature plus the Bible, consulting the church, the Holy spirit that he refers to the “inner light. Why do we not experience God’s intended will for our lives fod all of its fullness? For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who became His counselor?

The intentional will of God, the circumstantial will of God, and the ultimate will of God.

WW2 references weqtherhead the Blitz are very difficult for today’s reader to connect to in a meaningful way. However, because of real life events, they ended up trading an operating room for a clinic.