o Wole Soyinka The moral rights of the author have been The Swamp Dwellers, The Strong breed fusi published by. Oxford University Press Of the Strong Breed. 1 WAS SO IMPRESSED by Wole Soyinka’s Three Plays. ( Mbari Publications, ) when I first read them that I was surprised to find myself . The Strong Breed: Wole Soyinka: more serious plays, such as The Strong Breed (), Kongi’s Harvest (opened the first Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar,

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I think one needs a good grounding in the Yoruba culture and traditions to grasp its symbolism, and as such, a lot passed me by.

Then, our answer speaks to the setting of the play which is the unnamed community. It is a tragedy that ends with an individual sacrifice for the sake of the communal benefit. Can you blame me for forgetting? He settles quarrel for Jaguna and Sunma in page 28 of the text. The behavioral patterns of these two characters are extremely different.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But he is unwilling and Eman has to perform the task since he belongs to the lineage of the willing strong breed. The names were further dissected contextually based on their discursive illocutionary acts. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


The play seems to suggest that death is a crucial marker in the struggle between individual will and community wholeness. Does he have to be willing? The rigid caste system carving the roots of the once colonized continent is evident in this work. This article on a play from the s is a stub.

In this little play Wole Soyinka has, characteristically, taken a rather common place traditional African event — the purification of a community through a carrier-to explore the career of the serious artist. Patience Jaguna…if you want the new year to cushion the land there must be no deeds of anger. Eman has a second flashback to the time when a young girl named Omae, who eventually became his wife, is wolle him for being uncircumcised.


He is addressed as follows by Jaguna: Bright takes an anthropological linguistic approach to the study of names among the North American Indians. Nreed the economic structure, one observes the resources the Yoruban culture considers vital to maintain wellness and health.

The instrument is verbal and the end is that Eman will release Ifada for sacrifice as a carrier.

the strong breed

They discovered that certain politeness phenomena are either violated or obeyed in the course of naming the Abiku children. The Strong Breed 3.

When Eman lets Ifada into the room, five men appear in pursuit of him. This Nigeria -related article is a soyinkq. At the end of each year, a rite is performed to expel the evil of the outgoing year and to approach the new year with a sense of purification. This means the tone or manner in which a textual message is delivered.

The norm is that the bearer will fight to the point of getting a stranger carrier. But why did you pick on the helpless boy. It was discovered that the characters in the soyinnka bear different names which reflect diverse ethnolinguistic values. Open Preview See a Problem? The Study of Language.

The Trials of Brother Jero and The Strong Breed Summary & Study Guide

Throughout the narrative, an atmosphere of foreboding prevails. It is only a strong breed that can take this boat to the river year after strony and wax stronger on it.

Any answer to this question will speak to the end of the conversation which is to atone for the sins of the people as a willing carrier instead of the unwilling ifada in the context. As customs demand, a stranger is used for this purpose and Ifada is the apparent choice. The cynicism and the hypocritical attitude of the elders in the village is also evident.


He unravels the myth soyinkw descriptive names turned anthroponyms personal names and toponyms geographical names respectively. The village has an annual New Year purification rite in which the wrong doings of the villagers are heaped on ‘carrier’- a stranger- so stron the community may be redeemed of stdong sins and have rejuvenation in all sense.

Follow Us on Facebook. Death and the King’s Horsemen. Speech events may be different if one is performed perfunctorily while the other is painstaking. I love African books, and our writers.

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When Amope finally begs Beeed by name, Chume makes the connection between Brother Jero, who told him to beat his wife, and this man who owes his wife money. Books by Wole Soyinka.

To the imagined presence of his father, Eman asks for the direction of the stream, and his father tells him to tje elsewhere. Bleach rated it liked it Jan 12, Refresh and try again. Annonymous 17 November at The study indicates that Abiku names are economical as more is communicated within a few strands of letters than said.

Laiwya rated it liked it Jan 07, In his view, Soyinka has used the traditional African event of purification through a carrier, to explore the career of a great artist in an evil laden community. The men demand that Ifada be returned, and explain that Ifada has been chosen as the village carrier.

Drama and Theatre in Nigerian Schools. The setting of the play is an unnamed community where two strangers exist along with the natives. The Old Man who appears soyibka the exasperated Eman as acarrier sums up the play thus: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.