But according to empathic counsellor and researcher Karla McLaren, all of our emotions are important messengers sent to bring us clarity, keep us in integrity. This guide will support your reading of The Language of Emotions by Karla If you’d like to read Karla McLaren’s next book, The Art of Empathy: A Complete. The Language of Emotions What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You In this bold paperback, Karla McLaren suggests that we see all our emotions as.

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When listening and participating in the exercises, one focuses on one’s “aura”.

I can’t remember a time in my life where people were talking about emotions like this. It is not a scientific study of emotions. Her skill in this makes her descriptions useful to coaches, workshop leaders, therapists and educators alike.

Make time for art and music, feeling and thinking, relaxing and daydreaming, reading and study, exercise and dance, sensuality and comfort, rest and sound sleep, work and intensity, and plenty of laughter and play.

emogions Jun 11, Sherrie Tullsen-chin rated it it was amazing. It’s a wonderfully useful book. I also do not like the little chuckle that is mixed in, preferring a silent pause When I turn it off I finally get a breath.

I think the visualizations are a great method of re-training your brain, so those were a great addition in my opinion.

Sounds True – The Language of Emotions

Though work and studies were part of the reason, I spent a lot more time on this book because I re-read portions of it as it became apparent how useful it was in my coaching coursework. Highly recommended to those who struggle with emotions, particularly those like myself with the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and that are working through treatments I wouldn’t recommend going this book alone if you are not currently in trea This book has changed my life, and how I view emotions in both myself and others.


Now, when I feel a strong emotion, instead of being overwhelmed and confused, I have a whole basketful of tools to use to face the situation and deal with it. If you want to understand and deal with your shadow material, this is a must-read guide.

I liked the book overall, there were just parts that got a bit too metaphorical for me and I had a bit of a hard time keeping up there. Discover the intelligence in every emotion for self-healing and empowerment. All of her information about the relationships between emotions, how they are linked and influence each other, I found it all fascinating and helpful.

I feel better about myself and my “emotional” label I have been given. Do you find this review helpful? I will be listening to this more than once. Audio CD6 pages.

Want to Read saving…. All of us are born empaths capable of reading emotions but we are taught early in our lives to hide, stifle, or camouflage our emotions in social situations. I was terribly disappointed when I got my degree at the lack of information about emotions in the teaching of psychology. However, there is a powerful alternative. For 35 years, empathic counselor and researcher Karla McLaren has developed a set of practical tools for the real-world stresses of family, career, and the quest for personal fulfillment.


I’m looking forward to reading it again in a couple years. I gained a lot of insight and help with understanding what anger is and how to let it flow me to joy out the other side. Oct 17, Claire rated it it was amazing. Mar 09, Greg Jemsek rated ths it was amazing. I read the books that come out that sound fun, but i really don’t ‘buy’ all they sell.

The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You

We’ve been making some improvements to our website. The author uses Though work and studies were part of the reason, I spent a lot more time on this book because I re-read portions of it as it became apparent how useful it was in my coaching coursework. It does not work to repress or blindly express emotions, so what do you do? Discover and strengthen this natural social and emotional ability Prepare for empathy training by learning to identify and regulate our emotions and boundaries Move into the felt experience of others with authenticity and respect Stay rejuvenated on the empathic path through grounding, healthy boundaries, and mclaeen with joy — kagla more The Art of Empathy program.

I highly recommend this book to everyone especially those who don’t understandare at war with, or suppress their tje emotions.