Title, The Golden Stool. Author, Edwin W. Smith. Contributor, F. D. Lugard. Publisher, Folcroft Library Editions, ISBN, , The Golden Stool: Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa. Front Cover. Edwin W. Smith. BCP Books on Demand, – pages. The Golden Stool [Edwin W. Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Golden Stool : Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa

From hunter and warrior, he is reduced as he thinks to earning 1 The painful description penned by Dr. Get to Know Us. On the contrary, among African or Asiatic peoples, a revolution, when it results from contact with Europeans, is a cata- clysm.

Johnston, The Backward Peoples and our Relations with themp. Later on, the chief of a neighbouring territory arrogantly made for himself a replica of the sacred emblem. It is theoretically possible, stooo not as yet practicable, for my old colleagues in Northern Rhodesia to listen to this lecture delivered in Manchester.

This fateful branch, according to ancient opinion, was that Golden Bough which Virgil tells us iBneas plucked before he essayed his perilous journey to the world of the dead. Commercial, strategical and philanthropic reasons entered into it. Harriet Smith marked it as to-read Oct 27, Some- thing must be said about it in subsequent chapters.

The Golden Stool : Edwin W Smith :

And in these days when the problems arising from the contact of races and cultures cause grave concern to all thinking men, there are reasons why, apart from my personal predilections, your attention should be directed to Africa.


In other words, the destiny of Lancashire lies in the lands of Africa. At a certain point the overseer-in-charge saw that by diverting the road in a fresh direction the construction would be rendered easier. Italian Africa, 48, ; Portuguese, 24, ; Spanish, 12, ; Belgian, 10, Baden-Powell, when he 1 G. India grows much cotton, but of a low-grade ; she uses most of what she grows, and exports the remainder chiefly to Japan and China: At Cambridge the Vice-Chancellor presided over the meeting in the venerable Senate House which was crowded with graduates, undergraduates and visitors.

As golcen asPortugal had begun the modern partition of Africa by the capture of Ceuta ; she had built forts on the West Coast in the 15th century and had established herself on the East Coast in the i6th. Jean Jacques Rousseau, writing insaid: During the last fifty years, an average of nearly four new snith has been published every twelve months. George Grey brother of Earl Grey of Falloden led an expedition through that country prospecting snith copper, the rumour of its existence in the Katanga district of Belgian Congo having been reported by Commander Cameron in How untrustworthy a guide this author is in things African is shown in his statement that while Christianity succeeds in Uganda it fails in South Africa because the people there are Bantu.

Smith, Edwin Williams (1876-1957)

Of our British officers, nine were killed, six died of disease, and forty-three were wotmded. The African has received the products of our European factories including our cast-off garments and alcohol ; but at the same time many an interesting African industry has been destroyed. Stiol then he has occupied many responsible positions, culminating in the Governor-Generalship of Nigeria.


The temporary confusion caused by Christian Missions. It is high time that the notion of his incurable idleness was abandoned. It is no longer possible for a Chaka to devastate vast regions and cause the death of two million people. In he received an honorary D.

Full text of “The golden stool : some aspects of the conflict of cultures in Africa”

Worsley, of the British Cotton Growing Association. Since that date much has been done to fill in the details of the map.

Many of the Africans were never affected by this stream from abroad, and others only to an infinitesimal extent. It was treated, in fact, as if it were a Chief of high standing. To this various answers may be given, such as the deadening effect of disease carried by insects. It can with smih be foretold that this striking increase in the economic value of Africa to the outside world will grow more and more in years to come.