have children, and then become mare and more like m chines.. We remain fearful . anxious, frightened of life. So is -t the function of education to help us underst. student to discover his own uniqueness, to understand his peculiar function in life . Krishnamurti obviously condemns the present system of mass education and. Conventional education makes independent thinking extremely difficult. . The function of education is to create human beings who are integrated and therefore .

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The separative spirit of nationalism is spreading like fire all over the world. If one loves, not the ideal, but the child, then there is a possibility jidu helping him to understand himself as he is.

There is no existence without relationship; and without self-knowledge, all relationship, with the one and with the many, brings conflict and sorrow. There are, kriwhnamurti speaking, two kinds of participants in educational centres: Dogmas, mysteries and rituals are not conducive to a spiritual life. Apr 09, Helen Perks added it.

Krishnamurti left a large body of literature in the form of public talks, writings, discussions with teachers and students, with scientists and religious figures, conversations with individuals, television and radio interviews, and letters. One can come to it with small buckets and draw only a jidxu water, or one can come with orishnamurti vessels, drawing plentiful waters that will nourish and sustain.

Only when creative intelligence is awakened in the individual is there a possibility of a peaceful and happy life.

Knowledge is necessary, science has its place; but if the mind and heart are suffocated by knowledge, and if the cause of suffering is explained away, life becomes vain and meaningless. I genuinely enjoyed the journey of reading this book by this great intellect Fnuction.

In our present civilization we have divided life into so many departments that education has very little meaning, except in learning a particular technique or profession.

There is no essential difference between the old and the young, for both are slaves to their own desires and gratifications.

We know how to meditate, how to play the piano, how to write, but we have no knowledge of the meditator, the player, the writer. From the above it probably goes without saying, though it can not be said often enough, education is not about preparation for only a part of life like work but is about preparation for jiddu whole of life and educatipn deepest aspects of living.


Jan 31, Kimberly rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page. Added insight to my decision to quit my current job teaching high school.

| Jiddu Krishnamurti and his insights into education

Maturity is not a matter of age, it comes with understanding. You see meditation means to have a very quiet, still mind, not a chattering mind; to have a really quiet body, quiet mind so that your mind becomes religious. He did not present his insights in traditional intellectual forms, which would have made summarisation easier. Discovery is the beginning of creativeness; and without creativeness, do what we may, there can be no peace or happiness for man.

Not through the pursuit of the ideal of love, but only when there is no hatred, when there is no greed, when the sense of self, which is the cause of antagonism, comes to an end.

If we like death and destruction, military training is obviously important. In himself he does not care whether his playmate is a Negro or a Jew, a Brahmin or a non-Brahmin; but the influence of the whole social structure is continually impinging on his mind, affecting and shaping it.

Education and the Significance of Life – Book from Krishnamurti’s Teachings

We hope to achieve freedom through conformity; but are not the means as important as the end? If the end is freedom, the beginning must be free, for the end and the beginning are one. What we now call education is a matter of accumulating information and knowledge from books, which anyone can do who can read. This is not possible if we give undue emphasis to the intellect.

Organized religions, with their temporal and spiritual authority, are equally incapable of bringing peace to man, for they also are the outcome of our ignorance and fear, of our make-believe and egotism. It is so easy to get entangled in images and formulations, whether invented by ourselves or by others, and therefore it is necessary to be ever watchful and alert.

When governments, dictators, big business and the clerically powerful begin to see that this increasing antagonism between men only leads to indiscriminate destruction and is therefore no longer profitable, they may force us, through legislation and other means of compulsion, to suppress our personal cravings and ambitions and to cooperate for the well-being of mankind.


We all want functtion children to accept our form of worship or take to heart our chosen ideology.

Krishnamurti on Education

When we hear a truth and do not act upon it, it becomes a poison within ourselves, and that poison spreads, bringing psychological disturbances, unbalance and ill health. Krishnamurti, Jiddu a 2nd talk to students19th November, at Rajghat. Contrary to the perspective that has shaped much in conventional education, Jiddu Krishnamurti felt that each person needs to explore themselves and reveal themselves to themselves rather than be shaped into something by others.

Krishnamurti took on the challenge of modern scientists and psychologists and went with them step by step, discussed their theories and sometimes enabled them to discern the limitations of those theories. In he stated what he felt was the central intention in his life, I want to do a certain thing in the world and I am going to do it with unwavering concentration.

By dispassionately considering this question of authority and its many implications, by seeing that the very desire for power is in itself destructive, there comes a spontaneous understanding of the whole process of authority.

Leaders and their authority are deteriorating factors in any culture. In seeking comfort, we generally find a quiet corner in life where there is a minimum of conflict, and then we are educatoon to step out of that seclusion. Once we really see that patriotism is a hindrance to human happiness, we do not have to struggle against this false emotion in ourselves, it has gone from us forever.

Conquering other lands and other people provides new markets for goods as well as for political and religious ideologies. Any form of education that concerns itself with a part and not with the whole of man inevitably leads to increasing conflict and suffering. Can there be love where there is possessiveness?