New Technology! Learn how to build this awesome free energy motor and generator – using our step by step plans and video! Totally different in design than our. 30 Nov Hi everyone, i have seen in internet following site: Free Energy Motors Generators they are offering to purchase some plans of overunity. They offer a set of plans that can be purchased to build this engine. The plans cost To be literally fuelless, there must be no fuel. If electricity is.

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Jeff Pearson Senior Member. I like this one Find all posts by Kirill. When working with high voltage keep out of the reach of children and adults who do not understand high voltage rules. We knew we had a machine that will change the entire world. You must be 18 years or older to buy our plans and kits.

Last edited by vidbid; at Find all posts by Stealth. I suggest engune do the same. Yeah, and if memory serves me correctly, their articles tell you why it’s not possible.

The Fuelless Engine Model 2 Plans – SP AC Generator – Free Energy Motors and Generators

The time now is Watch our Youtube video here. The product felless already in the wishlist! The free electrical energy produced by the motor is replaced back into the motor and reused by the motor. Based on 3 US Patents!

We have spent over 14 years researching and developing this device. Believe me fueelless have already tried several times and it is not worth it. Or contact us if you need plans on CD.


Renewable Energy Renewable energy is energy that is generated from sunlight, rain, tides, geothermal heat and wind. We estimate replacement time every 25 to 30 years.

The Fuelless Engine Model 1 Plans

Find all posts by dakkid. Just englne any car engine you will eventually need to have it rebuilt or repaired. Originally posted by Mirthful Me And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I already have built the smaller motors and they really are free energy motors!

P,ans do just about all the work for you. You can build this engine and any other free energy device we sell the plans to for your own personal use only! Peter, thanks a lot for your advice. Check out how much horse power we have!

Supplies are shipped right to your front door. This is the Ed Gray electrical layout, every four High voltage magnet must have a 1, vdc capacitor bank, if you like you can try to cut down on cost by using the same inverter for all 5 hv magnets, actually I am counting the stator magnets as one even though there are 2, because they both fire at the same time, the 1, vac inverter is rated at about 20 – 30 milliamps.

Supplies are shipped right to your front door. These plans are for your eyes only! All times are GMT. I have personally purchased plans from this group – Plwns plans are misleading if not outright fraudulent as they enginr advertised on the fuelesspower website.

It is so simple to design I know you electrical engineers already know what to do. Free Energy From The Earth. By adding more or longer electromagnets you can increase the horsepower to any size you want, example from to hp. This raises fuellesa efficiency of the motor to super high levels.


The idea is to build a very powerful and large flywheel type engine. We knew we had a machine that will change the entire world. Lemlem How fuelless engines are made.? Learn how to build this awesome free energy device right in the privacy of your own Backyard! Energy is the ability to do work!

Copyright – The website is www. It is a great start for anyone wanting to follow in our footsteps.

I purchased a set of the plans several years ago and gleaned a lot of great information from the plans.

Last edited by Duncan; at He refused to answer questions or give a refund.

The Fuelless Engine Model 2 Plans

Box New Albany, IN If it really works, then why are they selling plans instead of fuflless models? Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here.

The Air Engine Motor. My lab and my home have been broken into many times, My phone constantly bugged! But how to get it into the hands of the people would prove to be a great challenge.

Also see sngine model 2, totally different in design, easier to make and more powerful and compact than our model 1. Learn How to Screen Print.