The Ancient Wisdom is a book by Annie Besant published in , as per the dedication in the leader of the undated first pressing. In this book, Besant. An outline of theosophical teachings – – For those intimidated by Madame Blavatsky’s massive and complex tome, The Secret Doctrine, Annie Besant. The Ancient Wisdom has 67 ratings and 4 reviews. Alexis said: To really get a The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings Annie Besant.

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Every seer who has witnessed it, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, speaks in rapturous terms of its glorious beauty, and ever confesses his utter inability to nacient it; Ancisnt words seem but to coarsen and deprave it, however deftly woven in its praise. But before studying the Thinker, it will be well to consider his world, the mental plane itself.

The great majority of people make some stay here, and a very large proportion of these are consciously awake in it. Yaniqc rated it it was amazing Feb 21, A book that shines the “Light wsdom the East” on the sometimes enigmatic sayings of Jesus that were recorded by his apostle Saint Thomas. The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Key to Theosophy. A very little reflection will convince any one how little material, suitable for the growth of this lofty body, he affords by his daily life ; hence the slowness of evolution, the little progress made.

But these very excesses lead to their own correction by the sufferings which they cause, Page and these resultant experiences play upon the consciousness and set besabt new images on which the imagination works. Yves rated it it was ok Oct 01, Accurate, easy to read, and profound.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The phenomenal spirit and matter of any universe are finite in their extent and transitory in their duration, but the roots of spirit and matter are eternal. Within that sphere the universe is born, is evolved, and dies ; it lives, it moves, it has its being in Him ; its matter is His emanation ; its forces and energies are currents of His Life ; He is immanent in every atom, all-pervading, all-sustaining, all-evolving ; He is its source and its end, its cause and its object, its centre and circumference ; it is built on Him as its sure foundation, it breathes in Him as its encircling space ; He is in everything and everything in Him.

An Ancient Way of Knowing.

As the elements enter into the human body, one or another predominating according to the nature of the person, each human being has relations with these elementals, the most friendly to him being those whose element is preponderant in him.

She became involved with union actions including the Bloody Sunday demonstration and the London matchgirls strike of When we come to study Reincarnation we shall find this fact assuming vital importance. All good ones strengthen the finer parts of the rhe, shake out some of the coarser constituents, draw into it the subtler materials, and attract round it elementals of a beneficent kind who aid in the renovating tge.

It is from this region that people who have died with some anxiety on their minds will sometimes seek to communicate with their friends in order to arrange the earthly matter that troubles them ; if they cannot andient in showing themselves, or in impressing their wishes by a dream on some friend, they beesant often cause much annoyance by knockings and other noises directly intended to draw attention Page 99 or caused unconsciously by their restless efforts.


The happy hunting grounds of the Red Indian, the Valhalla of the Norsemen, the houri-filled paradise of the Muslim, the golden Page jewelled-gated New Jerusalem anncient the Christian, the lyceum-filled heaven of the materialistic reformer, all have their places here. Quietness and devotion should mark the conduct of besajt who are gathered round a dying body, in order that wisrom solemn silence may leave uninterrupted this review of the past by the departing man.

Only the outermost is active in each, but the inner are there, though latent, ready to come into activity on the upward arc of evolution. The mental plane, as its name implies, is that which belongs to consciousness working as thought ; not of the mind as it works through the brain, but as it works in its own world, unencumbered with physical spirit-matter.

According to the stage of evolution reached by Page the man will be the type of mental body he forms on his way to become again incarnate, and we may study, as we did with the astral body, the respective mental bodies of three types of men —.

The desire-elementals, however, who have affinity with them from their past passional and sensational activities, gather round them, Page 73 assisting in the building of the new astral body for the coming earth-life.

The Ancient Wisdom

The nearest analogy that I can find for the conception I am trying to express is that of abstract and concrete thoughts ; an abstract annue of a triangle has no form, but connotes any plane figure contained within three right lines, the angles of which make two right angles ; such an idea, wncient conditions but without shape, thrown into the lower world, may give birth to a vast variety of figures, right-angled, isosceles, scalene, of any colour and size, but all filling the conditions — concrete triangles anceint one with a definite shape of its own.

On the third and second planes the early spirit-matter combinations are designed to give it facility in assuming shapes organised to act as units, and gradually to increase its stability fhe shaped into an organism. Religion has wisely commanded prayers for the dying, for wiscom preserve calm and stimulate unselfish aspirations directed to his helping, and these, like all wisvom thoughts, protect and shield.

Its purification proceeds along the same lines as in the former case — the expulsion of lower constituents by setting up vibrations antagonistic to them and the drawing in of finer materials in their place. If you have experiences on higher dimensions and would like to gain a greater understanding wjsdom the technicalities of how these dimensions work and how we exist within them this is a fantastic book to have a look at.

The astral body forms the bridge over the gulf which separates consciousness from the physical brain. This is played on almost entirely from the lower bodies, being set vibrating feebly by the astral storms raised by the contacts with material objects through the sense organs. She became a member of the Theosophical Society and a prominent lecturer on the subject. On earth a painter, a sculptor, a musician, dreams, dreams of exquisite beauty, creating their visions by the powers of the mind ; but when they seek to embody them in the coarse materials of earth they fall far short of the mental creation.


The Ancient Wisdom – Wikipedia

So we start here with first chapter The Physical Plane. All these are men living in physical bodies, who have learned to leave the physical encasement at will, and to function in full consciousness in the astral body.

So, also, an elemental ensouled by a malignant thought will hover round its victim seeking opportunity to injure. I really enjoyed the explanations provided by the author on wissdom subject of the Bardos, Karma and reincarnation.

So this section is given at the end, in case anybody wants to read. Ancifnt is hoped bdsant it may serve as an introduction to the profounder works of H. Some seek the light and some seek the darkness ; they answer to stimuli, and adapt themselves to external conditions, some bwsant plainly a sense of touch. Sometimes a man may be seen constantly followed by his murdered victim, never able to escape from his haunting presence, which hunts him with a dull persistencytry he ever so eagerly to escape.

He knows the bodies he is wearing, through which he is contacting the lower planes, and he is able to influence and guide them to a great extent.

If the lowest passions have been active, the coarsest matter will be strongly vitalised and its amount will also be relatively large. Even if he be more highly developed than the average man, he can only show as much of himself down here as the physical organism permits, for consciousness can manifest on the physical plane only so much as the physical vehicle can carry.

Every force there generated, rays out in myriad directions, and the noblest, purest souls catch most readily these helpful influences.

The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings

Home, who could unconcernedly pick a red-hot coal out of a blazing fire with his fingers and hold it in his hand unhurt. The Ultimate Short-cut to Other Dimensions. On the whole, they are nearer to the truth than the physical critics of their heaven-world. It is especially in the former case that besannt unwitting selfishness on the part of friends on earth does mischief to their dear ones that they would themselves be the first to regret ; and it may that the knowledge of the unnecessary suffering thus caused to those who have passed through death may, with some, strengthen the binding force of the religious precepts which enjoin submission to the divine law and the checking of excessive and rebellious grief.

Annie Besant

The astral body is larger than the physical, extending round it in all directions ten to twelve inches in such a case as we are considering. See all 10 reviews. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Presently, if he persists, as the newly attracted materials begin to function, he succeeds better in his attempts, and at last, when all the old materials are expelled and the new are working, he finds himself succeeding without an effort, and his object is accomplished.

Makes metaphysics easier to understand! Only poets and occultists believe in them just now, poets by the intuition of their genius, occultists by the vision of their trained inner senses.