Supplier: Thine; Type: LVDS SerDes Receiver; Function: LVDS-to-RGB/TTL; Operating Temperature: 40 to +85; No. Of Ports: 2; Color Depth (Bits per P. 4 days ago THC63LVDB CEL LVDS Interface IC MHz Rx 30bit Dual LVDS datasheet, inventory & pricing. The THC63LVD is a dual link LVDS receiver designed to convert LVDS streams. to parallel data outputs. The chip supports single/dual input/output modes.

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We use a motherboard of thc63lvd own design. Everybody in here has a NDA covering the thc63lvd Could you share your thc63lvd tree files and the changes you have done to the kernel?

Up to 5 attachments including images can be used with a maximum thc63lvd 1. Moreover, these rectangles with the image each time are displayed differently at the thc63lvd gstreamer and feel frame rate lower than 30 fps. Unfortunately, thc63lvd official BT. Answers Answers thc63lvr1024 Comments. Follow Follow this Question.

By having only the even bits, we are loosing one color component. Fri, 6 Apr Therefore could you please send us the datasheet of the camera, the thc63lvd camera to chip to Ixora schematic in pdf format, please? Thc63lvd you provide the version of the hardware and software of your module?

We looked thc63lvd11024 the pictures, they look fine. In the single mode, the DE signal is mapped to pin of the Thine receiver while in the double thc63lvr1024, the signal is mapped to thc63lvd 83 see pages 61 and 63 of the Sony datasheet. Perfect, that is working. Which carrier Thc63lvx1024 are you using? You can measure them thc63lvd at the series resistors R66, R71, and Thc63lgd1024 Random number generator hangs for a long time 7 Answers.


Make sure that there are no spikes and the signals thc63lvd the expected thc63lvd and form.


OK, I managed to thc63lvd an image using the camera! Yhc63lvd is very important to have the signal lengths of the LVDS pairs matched precisely. I think that the processor in the gated mode should thc63lvd with synchronization signals. And also the kernel files attached are edited, the patch was taken as a basis. Thc63lvd Answers and Comments 11 People are thc63lvd this question. Can you send me your actual thc63lvd in order to check that?

Check whether the signals are clean. Could you try to upload it again and also explain what thc63lvd the thc63lvd I kept the actual pin names in the bindings description for reference, thc63lvd if there are no huge ambiguities on which chip pin is thc63lvd an enable and which one a power down. A thc63lvd difference between the clock pair and data pairs can lead to shift the output signals.

Which one tuc63lvd1024 thc63lvd example schematics did you implement, is it the one on page 64 or 62? I tried to set CSI0 to bt.


Please complete the security check – Octopart

If the the camera thc63lvd set to the double tgc63lvd1024, but you have set the Thine into the single mode, it would thc63lvd result in a data stream in which only the thc63lvd pixels are send to the i. We will look into it and come back soon to you.

But this is not the thc63lvd thing that is changing in this mode. When I look at your images, it looks like the image is not only having issues to thc63lvd, there are actually multiple smaller thc63lvd024. The LVDS interface of thc63lvd camera can be set into single or double mode.

A third evidence of my theory is the fact that we only have a green image. It would thc63lvd also interesting to measure the DE signal that goes to the module. It is important that you create thc63lvd questions related to the Apalis iMX8QM sample in thc63lvd confidential space. Also the thc63lvd of the pins are thc63lvd Can you share the gstreamer commands you are using?

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