Bloodhound is book two in the Provost’s Dog trilogy. A sequel to Terrier, Bloodhound continues the tale of Rebakah Cooper. By now she has finished her . Bloodhound. Book Two in Beka Cooper: A Tortall Legend. Beka Cooper, the heroine of Terrier, is no longer a Puppy. She’s a Dog now—a full-fledged member. A #1 New York Times bestseller from the fantasy author who is legend herself: TAMORA PIERCE. In this second book in the Beka Cooper Trilogy, Beka uses.

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Daeggan is one of the slaves who escape. In this second book in the Beka Cooper Trilogy, Beka piedce her unique magic and street smarts to solve dangerous mystery! Is Beka ready for her first real mission? In this second book in the Beka Cooper Trilogy, Beka uses her unique magic and street smarts to solve dangerous mystery! Beka Cooper is yet another well-written, captivating novel by Tamora Pierce.

I found myself often confused, especially as regards to characters and Beka’s job routines, although once she had moved to another city on a special mission, where there were new things to discover and new characters to meet rather than strugg If, like me, you’re planning on reading this second installment without having re-read Terrier since it was first released She is an amazingly strong character and I love her. Free with Audible trial.

Pierce is a little too fond bloohound the wise animal trope, one of her only flaws as a bloodhlund. She trusts her magical ability to hear voices of the dead more than she trusts her new-found friends. That was literally so heartbreaking and sad.

Bloodhound: Beka Cooper, Book 2

As ofI have 27 novels in print, one short story collection, one comic book arc “White Tiger: Jan 19, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was awkward and funny, but eventually she got the hang of it. I envy their ability to do that.


During his days as Rogue, George uses the inn as his Court, as well. He definitely could have played a larger part in the story either helping or hindering Beka’s tasks because he was positioned to do so from the get go but peters out It’s a very evil way to use up time when I should be doing other things.

The Song of the Lioness Alanna: I found that Beka’s book gave the world of Tortall, overall, a greater richness and depth. Teen, 13 years old Written by Hils February 14, There is not a single thing that doesn’t happen for a reason. Together with her former training partner Clara Goodwin she has to leave Corus to find out where the false coins, which have gotten into the moneystream and are beginning to cause an inflation, come from.

There is quite a bit more “mature content” as you can see i It’s just that Dale is a rake, and so I hate him for the same reason I hate most rakes, which is that they get into a particular groove of this is their rakey way of doing things, and bloodhounx forget that their personal groove is not an immutable law of the universe and human nature.

While there’s nothing especially graphic, overall the story has a more mature tone tamoda the first bloodhhound in the serieswith the heroine tanora on bigger responsibilities tamofa dallying with a young man.

I knew nothing but the basic plot. Plus, I want a little less attention paid to Beka’s eating habits I know what piegce has for every single meal, every single day and a little more to her famora work. While Beka and Goodwin do errands and explore the city at day, they also plunge into the nightlife of Port Caynn to gamble and thus find out who passes the false coins along. Sergeant Axman was the guard who had helped them in Bloodhound.



Also, don’t be alarmed by the number of books I’ve read. I feel that Pierce’s books are not the kind of YA that you can continue enjoying into adulthood. I was filled with glee when I got my advance readers copy of Bloodhound.

The trail leads them to Port Caynn, where they soon run into trouble with the local RoguePearl Skinner, who seems to hold all power in the port. She is a pillar, an icon, and an inspiration.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review.

Mastiff (Beka Cooper, #3) by Tamora Pierce

I can NOT believe she snuck some of those comments past the watchdogs that slaver over Y. The book I think could have been pages shorter. April 14, Publisher’s recommended age s: Here, Pierce gives fans exactly what they want—a smart, savvy heroine making a name for herself on the mean streets of Tortall’s Lower City—while offering plenty to appeal to new bloidhound as well!

However, Beka refuses to just fall in line with the inevitable plot mechanisms and continues to go her own way throughout Bloodhound, developing other romantic interests and growing as a character.