14 Jun Death at the hands of Taliban attackers has become a daily occurrence in Pakistan—and yet it’s ordinary people, not the government, who are. Pakistan’s sincerity in dealing with terrorists operating from its soil has always been a subject of speculation. As India prepares for some serious stocktaking on . LAHORESENIOR Pakistani journalist Amir Mir’s latest book titled “Talibanization of Pakistan: From 9/11 to 26/11” has hit book stores. The page insightful.

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It does not provide for due process of law, denying to the tribes the right to legal representation or appeal. They have been unable to evolve a unified set of objectives or a political philosophy, yes the strategy and tactics of harassing the population through violence is the only commonality among them. Taliban set up Sharia courts in Bajaur Agency. At least five soldiers and two suicide bombers were killed and seven soldiers sustained injuries when a car laden with explosives rammed into a military vehicle in the Bakakhel area of Bannu in NWFP.

Outlook, India, December 7, At times, the governments themselves seem to have been intimidated by such groups. It is interesting that with the end of cold war the ideology-based violence has increased all over the South Asian region and so as the ongoing arms race between the India and Pakistan, which also refers to the proliferation of weapons. Center for Strategic and International Studies.


Fighting the Talibanization of Pakistan

The Indian Independence Act of 3 June abrogated the special treaties. A Socio Political Assessment. The short-sighted policies of some leaders provided the opportunity to Islamic radicals to exploit the public disappointment with stagnant economies, disenchantment with governments, thus succeeding in preaching their own version of superiority of Islamic system and values.

Nearly 66 per cent of households live below the poverty line. The study found that the inhabitants of FATA have been victimized socio-politically under both colonial and the post-independence administrations. Write a product review. Saudi Arabian funds and scholarships have brought the Taliban’s version closer to the Wahabism, currently prevailent in Saudi Arabia. Once, during a live broadcast, I was sent a message through a journalist working in Pakistan from a Taliban spokesperson.

Talibanization – Wikipedia

Respiratory tract infections among children on the rise. Fri November 09, Can’t connect right now! Govt gave NRO to clerics who caused riots: Nearly rupees half a billion were sanctioned by army in developing the region in building roads, health centres, education and social centres infrastructure.

Internally it has experienced severe damage to its economy while also having the society divided into two groups over the support of war against terrorism. While studies in the second group of extant literature have identified the causes of Talibanization with greater accuracy than the first group, they fall short in providing empirical proof and robust analysis. At this point, given the severe turn that this situation might take, Pakistan needs to join hands with its allies at this point, which includes talibanizqtion U.

For example, in DecemberTanzim-ul-Ikhwan, led by Maulana Mohammad Akram of Chakwal, demanded that the Musharraf Government promulgate Sharia and threatened otherwise to storm Islamabad with his followers. Pakistani security officials say that the earlier operations lacked the support of the local population and tribal elders. Civil society discusses child protection with senators.


Despite solving the actual problems such as poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, rather their emphasis was on signboards with ladies photographs, and futile issues such as Hasba bill. October 10 A suspected suicide bomber reportedly blew himself up at a Shia mosque in the Mochi Gate area of Lahore, killing at least five people, including two children, talibanizatin injuring six others. This seems to be a blend of both as for the first time innocent civilians and government offices were targeted,” he told reporters after the blast.

Both the suicide bombers were also believed to have been killed in the incident. The concept of “Strategic Depth” was first initiated by Gen. Religious minorities, innocent children such as Malala Yousafzai and Aitzaz Hassan to name a few, and places of worship including the mosques have been sacrificed at their hands.

Hoax callers at police helpline warned of stern action. A similar movement has been underway in the Orakzai Agency.

Simon Rosenberg The result.