23 May Krishnakarnamrutham krishna. Ocr language not currently OCRable. Ppi Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Sri krishna. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. Krishna Karnamrutham In Kannada: Source 1: | PDF Link | Text Link. ⇒ Krishna Karnamrutham In Gujarati: Source 1.

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Oh God,with the attractive pretty form of a child, Oh god,whose face wears the very sweet sound of flute, Please make at karnmrutham a small part of your innate sweetness, Descend and shine in my words.

There are several translations available of this shloka [1] [2]. Let Victory be that of Krishna, who with his musk thilaka, Is the great ornament for all the three worlds, And he is the one who is interested in love play with Vruja maidens. Please meditate on the lotus like feet of Lord VishnuWhich wears the gem studded anklets making sound in Vruja, Which is like a pretty lotus blessed by Lakshmi in the pond, Which is filled by the musical sound of the royal swans.

Let there be victory to extreme joyous reaction of Joy of Krishna Which was ornamented by the glances of Radha, On his broad chest during love making, And which was tightly embraced at the end of love making, By Rukhmani, when she suddenly woke up from sleep, Leading to the limitless and pretty sense of joy.

This light like form of Krishna is wonderful, For it has red colour on feet cooled by mercy, No space between hair locks, has breadth in his eyes, Prettiness in the body as black as black collyrium, And also youthfulness in his age. I depend on the child with mud all over his body, Who makes his mother tired because when she comes in search, He runs in between the herds of cows, And who has scattered and hanging hair.

Anyway, let us take up these bickers and biographies at a later time, when this present attempt breaths some life; first let us proceed with text proper, presented yathA shakti From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Devakyaa jatara kure samudhitha kreetho gavaam paalina. With my mind I think of that child Mukunda, Who with his lotus like hand catches his lotus like feet, And brings it near his lotus like face and steals our heart, And sleeps peacefully on a banyan leaf. Hearing the prattle of the pretty Vruja maidens about their love play with you, When you were feigning to be asleep, you were struggling to stop the slow smile, With a wish to hear more of those stories, but you were not able to stop, Showing the standing erect of the hairs on your body and I pray you in that form.

When I am confused due to the life of mine [15]Let the very indescribable lotus eyed child Krishna, And dust of Brindavan made holy by the walk of Gopis, Appear before my eyes again and again. My eyes are waiting with great desire, To play with the wonder child Krishna, Who plays with cowherd boys, And who is having a mole called Srivathsa on him.


Varadachari Sadagopan’s article at Sadagopan. Let me get merged in the sweetness of Krishna, Who completes the surroundings by the musical notes, Starting from his flute controlled by his lotus like hands, And who has jewel like lips which always wear, A wave of smile due to his ever joyous nature.

Oh Lord, why is it that you, who is not visible, To the great scholars of Sasthras and Upanishads, And are great due to their great minds, But appear in front of my ordinary eyes, And are staying a long time there, Without any reason or cause. Oh mother who is naturally sweet, Oh dear one, This bad fellow committed a grave mistake, By spending some time in your belly and as a, Redemption I speak the names and goodness of the cowherd. With a face which is complete with prettiness, With a smile which shows the capability of sweetness, And with a vision reflecting youthfulness of mercy, His form fulfills the avarice of my eyes.


And which is praised and prayed by Radha. Let my mind constantly dwell on the feet of Krishna, Who is a help to the ladies of Vruja, who has a body blessed with youth, Who has all the good living in him, who has a smile karnarutham his karnamrutahm bud like teeth, Who is the sun to the lotus mind of sages and son of king Nanda gopa.

Oh consort of Sita, for now, Keep away your bow Kodanda, And take in your hands the pretty flute, And also wear the peacock feathers on your head, And then surely I will salute you.

I surrender to that primeval God who blesses with all that is karnamruthzm, Who is the treasure house of beauty, who is the home of all the wonders of ari world, Who is the natural habitat of glow, who is the limitless giver of salvation, Who is the essence of the rain of nectar and who is the result of good deeds of Gopis.

Oh Lord, we pray to you after hearing the hearsay, That you are the Krishna full of mercy, But when we karnamruthqm about your pretty childhood, Our mind is rocked by doubt. My heart is being stolen by the son of Nanda, By the ever shifting pretty side long glances of the eye, By the prettiness of the mouth adorned by a slight smile, And by royal and very sweet talks of his.

I would like to see the prettiest one in all the three worlds, Whose face with a smile is beyond all description, Whose chest has the stamp of the breasts of Gopis, And whose body with the blue brilliance spreads in all places. And when he heard this, he closed his eyes and told that night has come, And started pulling her upper dress and let that Krishna protect us.

Oh sea of mercy, I beg you with folded hands, With an unbearable low feeling and with shaking throat, Please make my mind light and happy, With your side long glances along with mercy. Let us be protected by the splendour of the body Of Krishna, Which makes crowds of cows to go there to drink water thinking it is Yamuna, Which makes crowds of peacocks open their feathers and dance thinking it is dark cloud, Which makes Gopis go near to pinch it for wearing it in their ears thinking it is new leaves of a tree, And which is the powerful splendour of Krishna, who punished Kaliya serpent.


Sri Krishna Karnamrutham – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Oh moon like Krishna,please cool my eyes, By your merciful looks which shine in different colours, By the feast of youth that flows from your young age, And by your playfulness in you that rules the world.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. When would I be able to see Krishna, Who has very broad eyes, Who appears like a child to the eyes, Of the damsels with narrow hips, And who is the blue moon got by the, New sea of fame, obtained by Yasodha.

Let us be protected by the Lord of the kingdom of Vruja, Who is surrounded on all sides by the Doe eyed Gopis, Standing line by line with pretty heavy and slow moving hips, And with a pretty walk that increases the passion, Who increases the happiness of the hands of the god of love, By allowing him to use the flower arrows that are in his arrow case, And who cannot be adequately described in words even by Goddess Saraswathi.

This book has three chapters containing respectively, and shlokas. Surrounded by Gopalas trained in the art of minding the cows His hair decorated by the peacock feathers, And with the tunes of his flute which are greater than soul, And his heart warming up by plays with Gopis, Is Krishna and may he protect us. Though his subjects are people living in huts, Though his friends are few cowherds, Though his garland is the rope used to tie the cows, Though the people paying tribute to him are his cowherdesses, Though his ornaments are peacock feathers and red stone from mountain, And though the real truth about him is like this, This Krishna is called the Lord of three worlds.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham (Sanskrit & Tamil Moolam, Meaning in Tamil)

Who knocked my door? Oh Kesava, how shall I describe the light in your moon like face, How shall I karnamutham to others your present form, That light and that body are sweet and pretty, And again, again and again I salute kranamrutham.

I salute that child Gopala, who is of the blue colour of the water bearing clouds, Who shows several playful acts of his, who lifted a mountain with his hands, Who is pleased with the music of flute, who takes care of the people of Vruja, Who enjoys himself in playing with his sweethearts And who wears a garland of forest flowers.

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