Status, Plans available. Produced, present. Number built, Unit cost. US$ (completed aircraft) Plans: US$ The Wood Sky Pup is an American single-seat, high wing, cantilever, single engine. Sky Pup. Ultralight – Wood and foam construction. Sky Pup Kit/Plans: Sky Pup Reeder Mesa Road Whitewater, CO Website: . Skypup ultralight aircraft plans, Skypup experimental, amateur built and light sport aircraft plans.

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Skypup – Nest of Dragons

The problem has also occurred in the Mini-Max ultralight which has plams same engine configuration. Barb made the seat cushions from denim. The club president reported he saw Bob Schaefer and his Pup at the Alvard Desert and was quite impressed. This year is the 40th anniversary of the event and will likely result in an unusually large turnout. This yields and exceptionally light airframe. My brother Stan located an aluminum rowboat and was working his way upstream while everyone else was trying to bust through the thick riverbank vegetation in an effort to reach plas landing site.

The Pup climbed quicker than I anticipated, and for the first time in my life I was flying alone at least 50 ft in the air. My daughter after ran up to me and I took her in my arms, savoring the moment as Mel and Eddie began ripping my shirt tail off. Also, the cable attach bracket in the drawing slypup different and better than the one in the photos.

Sorry this newsletter is going out so late again. As I taxied back to the hangar I killed my engine.

Beginning with this issue, the newsletter will be written by Sky Pup builders and enthusiasts. It was a cloudy grey day of about 65 degrees with hardly any wind. Thrust is minimized skypupp drag is minimized, which occurs at the Best Glide Speed. Pierre in issue 21 and is shown in the photo on the left.

  LG L1710S PDF

Write akypup me or to him if you would like to use them. Carb slide and guide pin slot were worn.

The Electric Skypup

A small wood block is added to the underside of the rudder. Here is a chance for many thousands of people to see their first Sky Pup.

He bought the idea so I’m in the process right now. After many one-wheel crosswind landings the gear spring broke through the bottom of the fuselage.

Wood Sky Pup

I learned to grab a wheel for a tighter turns. Tendons and nerves had to be reconnected. The ultralight pattern and runway have been very much improved.

It even has hot springs for taking bath on flying outings! This procedure should be repeated for each variation in cowling design. You may be forced to fly too low for safety in case of a wind gust or engine failure.

Last minute news July 1, If you want to talk about the Sky Pup, or about airplanes and homebuilding in general, please feel free to call me at late evenings. Howard Fortner of Houston, TX called to say that he had a forced landing due to a fuel flow problem strictly pilot error. Finally, the new prop came in and I was back taxiing up and down the strip.

I will include a better photo in the next issue. This makes it an excellent candidate for conversion to electric power. A future issue of Kitplanes will have details about the newsletter so there will probably be many new builders as a result.

Todd works for a company in the aircraft business and has access to materials an methods not as easily available to many of us. Well, the best endurance speed happens to coincide with the minimum sink rate planz, which makes sense if you think about it.


After a couple of short flights in the olans pattern, I hangared it until I could get some of these problems worked out.

Most builders can find the 2 inch or less sheets of foam locally, but the main spar often requires a special order and shipping costs. Write to Dan Grunloh, P. Now, aside from needing the speed to calculate the power, why did I say it was such an important parameter? He sent a sample to Sport Flight where it was tested and found to have a shear strength of 20 psi. He has worn out the carburetor.

Driving home my eyes watered over skyypup reality set in and I thought about the little plane sitting in the hangar and what the future held for it. I can now hold a pencil, tie my own shoelaces, drive a car, and type with two fingers instead of one. The original 58×24 prop gave only about RPM at full throttle. I lifted off, flew down the valley, did acame back and landed. Here’s his story in his own words. These are all easily definable. See the mailing list for his address.

Another very efficient ultralight design that originated soon after the Lazair is the Skypup, designed by Steve Woods. A large majority of those who wrote for information have decided to build a Pup and have subscribed to the newsletter.

Bob also designed and built custom disc brakes for his Pup. But I knew I’d never forget where it all began