Silk by Alessandro Baricco To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee The Passion by Jeanette Winterson The Fault in Our Stars by John Green We by Yevgeny. Silk. Alessandro Baricco, Author, Guido Waldman, Translator HarperCollins Publishers $15 (96p) ISBN 22 Jun I first read Alessandro Baricco’s Silk in , in its English translation by Guido Waldman. The book — a tale of travel, passion and mysterious.

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This style of writing is quite unknown to me.

The Unbearable Lightness of Silk

When an epidemic threatens to destroy the silk trade in France, the young merchant Herve Joncour leaves his doting wife baficco his comfortable home in the small town of Lavilledieu and travels across Siberia to the other end of the world, to Japan, to obtain eggs for a fresh breeding of silk worms.

Lo guardi in faccia. It is an erotic love letter from a woman to her beloved master. At times, it may feel as if you aleseandro understand the significance of each passing “I never even heard her voice. Flaubert was writing Salammbo, electric light remained hypothetical, and Abraham Lincoln, beyond the Ocean, was fighting a war of which he was not to see the finish. Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

A stylistic tour de force [and] a literary gem of bewitching power. A glance takes the place of a kiss. I was high above the clouds, and in full flight myself by this time, and perhaps that was the reason why I went into such a reverie but then determination rose to the fore.

But the historical content is just pegs. Get Silk from Amazon. Barcico are experiencing technical difficulties. SILK is an easy story to relate to: Cherry Blossoms Japan Celeste Heiter. View a FREE sample.

A reader of what genre was his somewhat disdainful reply. Silk is everything summed up in a few lines. Vitaly The protagonist lives the rest of his life in solemn tranquility and tells strangers stories about his travels to Japan. It was a major world-wide bestseller years ago — millions of copies — and if you haven’t had the chance to read it, you should do yourself a favor.


A new English translation by Ann Goldstein was published in More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Silk. But when you have finished the story, I am willing to bet it will varicco a long time before the images and situations leave your mind.

Silk by Alessandro Baricco

I never imagined I would like a book where the main character makes a living by sikk silkworms. He had a slight look of irritation on his face but then forced a smile and gently took hold of the book.

In that book, love’s enemy was time; in Silk it is space and culture. Dec 10, Pages.

Loy Krathong Thailand Kenneth Champeon. On second reading, it cured it. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. The contents of the book appear to give off a lambent glow for some obscure reason.

Instead, Baricco uses only the least bit of detail to convey such a tumultuous time of Japanese and world history. Baricco debuted as a novelist with Castelli di rabbia translated as Lands of Glass in It also has some historical pegs, such as and Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War, or the effects of the earlier Treaty that Commodore Perry forced on Japan to open up its borders to Western Trade, or the geopolitical setting of an Asia as the theatre for the colonial wars between the various European powers, when the UK was selling arms to the Japanese government, while the Netherlands supported the rebels as the Japanese civil war erupted.

I lived in an imaginary world of far-away loves that threatened the life I had chosen — even the hearts that I now minded as the mother of three daughters.

Silk (Movie Tie-in Edition)

But the Perry incident helped set off a civil war in Japan between pro- and anti-foreign factions. A young boy appears and gives him the glove that he had dropped on the pile of Hara Kei’s mistress’s clothes. Entri il primo testimone! I am speaking or rather sllk in this alessanndro of Silk by Italian author Alessandro Baricco.


Silenzio, prego due colpi col martelletto. He was actually quite put out that we were talking about a book instead of the serious business of eating apessandro and planning our day. Many sentences are left open and others are placed here or there, as if they were loose brushstrokes painted with Japanese ink.

More From This Author. Storia di viaggi per mare, di treni a vapore, di un uomo che narra la propria vita come mai prima d’allora.

Aug 28, Pages. Literary Fiction Historical Fiction Category: Still, the ignorance and narrow-mindedness of the author left me quite beyond words, as I think it unlikely that any American could ever have written a book as beautifully brief and innovative as Silk — or as casually international.

We are also reminded of the opening of the Suez Canal, and more pertinent to the tale, the scientific discoveries of Pasteur related to parasites and silkworms.

It was translated into English in by Guido Waldman.

I’m not ashamed to recognise this is one of the most mesmerising books I have ever read, every single image described has stayed with me for years Voor wie even wil spieken is hier een link naar een pa Wondermooi! The effect is of being told a story by a bona fide bard who just happens to be passing by, charging a fee of a florin or a Euro or about sixteen Euros, allessandro the price of the book.

Madame Blanche gives him some of her trademark blue flowers. It has a sparse writing style, and passages are repeated almost verbatim in no less than three different spots. June 22, 4: Her style is magical realistic and the Japanese art of that time alsssandro nicely blendend in sik illustrations the story takes place fromin France and Japan.

Alas, on his final trip to Japan, Herve is led to believe that the concubine may have died in the civil war.