23 Feb SAMREC Code The South African Mineral Code. The South African Code for the Reporting of. Exploration Results, Mineral Resurces. The SAMREC Code is a guideline that stipulates the minimum standards for the reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves;. Concurrently with the evolution of the SAMREC Code, the Committee for Mineral. Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), initially a committee.

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When the economic feasibility of a project has been demonstrated, by taking into account Modifying Factors i. It also provides users with confidence that the declaration is fully compliant and can be relied upon.

The structure also cascades from Exploration Results to Mineral Resources and then to Mineral Reserves proceeding left to right in the table. These have been included as a separate section in the SAMREC Code to provide better coce and communication to the various stakeholders and interested and affected persons or parties.

The declaration of a Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve is linked to various core practices and economic realities. In an wamrec world, new products are continuously being developed that require new commodities or the continued production of existing commodities. These are complex issues that will require further discussion. They are, naturally, supported by a number of other professionals such as economists, metallurgists, engineers geotechnical, ventilation, civil, mechanical, electrical etc.

However, where a site visit is impractical or impossible due to, for instance, political unrest, this should be declared. The manner in which projects and mines are funded, developed, and operated is continually altering; there are shifting requirements by the investment community, government, and society social license to operate ; there is a coed to promote greater efficiency in capital raising and funding for exploration, mining, and production companies; and the SAMREC Code must keep abreast of the advances made by other international reporting codes and eliminate possible contradictory reporting practices.

South African Mineral Reporting Codes

More importantly, the surveyor is responsible for the measuring process that keeps account of the monthly production tonnage and grade of the operation. More comprehensive diamond and gemstone section.

The value of the block model is that it provides the information necessary for mine and infrastructure design, supports the development of the mining schedule and informs mineral processing strategies, and underpins the declaration of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.

In recent years, CRIRSCO has worked towards aligning all the international reporting codes so that the definitions used in the extractive industries are globally consistent.


The author lists possible reasons for non-compliance with the code, one being the fact that the viewing of reports are often subject to confidentiality agreements, and another being that practicing CPs are reluctant to make formal complaints against others for actions they may be guilty of themselves. The mining industry is a vital contributor to national, regional, and international economies.

It is the responsibility of the Competent Person to be fully aware of all applicable rules and regulations before a signing off on a Public Report. It is hoped that this will clearly indicate the low level of confidence in the information and ensure that a reported Exploration Target cannot be misconstrued or misrepresented as a Mineral Resource or Mineral Reserve.

The guidance provided in the form of a suggested signature page is aimed at identifying the Competent Person, noting their qualifications, affiliations, and relevant experience, as well as demonstrating that the Competent Person has indeed taken responsibility for their work or their contribution to the Public Report.

SAMREC Code | legal definition of SAMREC Code by

It must be emphasized that a Scoping Study is not sufficient grounds to allow for the declaration of a Mineral Reserve. Point of reference The declaration of a Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve is linked to various common practices and economic realities.

The structure attempts to follow the logical project progression samtec the scientific aspects relating to the geology in the first few sections to the engineering aspects in the later sections. The SAMREC Code further advises that ‘historical data and information may also be included if, in the considered opinion of the Competent Person, such is relevant, giving reasons for such conclusions’. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Where aspects of this table are not included in the Public Report, the Competent Person is required to comment as to why they have not been addressed.

Other terms, such items as review, Competent Person’s Report, and audit have been added to the glossary of terms. It is believed that the new referencing will be easier for, inter alia, the JSE Reader requirements, and will assist Competent Persons to ensure they have addressed all the necessary reporting aspects. It must be noted that some aspects of coal reporting were previously not fully consistent with the Coce Code; for example, the requirement for a Feasibility Study to be completed in order to declare a Proved Coal Reserve.


Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly. Specifically, the standards and guidelines are applicable to public reports compiled on behalf of South African Minerals and Petroleum companies for the benefit of investors. The importance of the reporting codes.

Furthermore, the reporting mechanism assists the Competent Person to provide all relevant details, whether they are perceived as positive or negative, in the Public Report. The responsibility of deeming oneself as a Competent Person lies with the individual as the ‘Competent Person must be clearly satisfied in their own mind that they are able to face their peers and demonstrate competence in the commodity, type of deposit and situation under consideration’ SAMREC Code Clause However, the section was not considered adequate in terms of the requirements of Public Reporting, and a significant revision was undertaken to include a set of guidelines for consideration when a Competent Person makes a public declaration.


The code details three main categories for the reporting on mining projects, these are Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves. Mine surveying is considered to be a branch of mining science and technology and includes all measurements, calculations, and mapping that serve the purpose of ascertaining and documenting information at all stages from prospecting to exploitation and utilizing of mineral deposits by both surface and underground workings International Society for Mine Surveying.

Site visit Until now, the necessity of a site visit has not been definitive.

The Codes Forum, Sydney. The authors acknowledge that no single document could cover all accepted industry practices or assist with all possible situations. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The use of the checklist for every declaration is considered best practice and if completed properly it can provide the Competent Person with assurance that no technical inputs or practices have been omitted.

Unlike many other industries, mining is based on depleting assets, the knowledge of which is imperfect prior to the commencement of extraction. This is without a doubt ssmrec practice and assists the Competent Person in fully appreciating the technical complexities of the assignment.


Proved Reserves are derived from Measured Resources and imply a high degree of confidence in the Modifying Factors, whereas Probable Reserves samre derived from Indicated Resources and imply a lower degree of confidence in the Modifying Factors. Rupprecht highlights the concern that self-regulation is still difficult to enforce.

To this end, various points have been added to Table 1 to provide more detail to stakeholders, investors, and advisers, and which are aimed at improving the communication of results and engendering trust and zamrec in the industry.