19 Apr If you are a literature lover, I am sure you’ve come across Sahir Ludhianvi’s work, someplace or the other. The renowned Urdu and Hindi poet. Sahir was different from his contemporaries in that he did not praise Like Faiz, Sahir gave Urdu poetry an intellectual element that. Browse through Sahir Ludhianvi’s poems and quotes. 21 poems of Sahir Ludhianvi. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee.

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Whether it ludhiannvi on desert sands Or upon assassin’s hands Ludhianbi justice’s head or around shackled feet On injustice’s sword or on the wounded corpse Blood is still blood Spilling, it must clot. At that time, his mother decided to take the bold step of leaving her husband, forfeiting all claims to the From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

From about until his death, Sahir collaborated with Baldev Raj Chopra -a film producer and director.

Sahir Ludhianvi Poetry

New Shayari Dil se ik yaad bhula di gayi hai. Islamic Karbala New Year Eid. Sahir Ludhianvi is the pen name of Abdul Hayee 8 March — 25 October who is popularly known as Sahirwas an Indian poet and film lyricist who wrote in the Hindi and Urdu languages. Habib, khi on Jul, 04 Sahir promoted his girlfriend, Sudha Malhotra ‘s singing career.

All the sharing of Sahir Ludhyanvi in this site are different in the sahit in which some ghazals are also include which I read, I feel the feelings of the poetry my self when I read it. Kabhi sahjr mere dil main khayaal ata hai. Barbadiyon ka sog manana fazool tha, Barbadiyon ka jashan manata chala geya. Khud banaon gi teri duniya main. In the s, Sahir built a bungalow which he poetrg Parchaiyaan Shadowsafter one of his works, and lived there till his death.


Phir na kijey meri gustaakh nigaahi ka gila, Dekhiye aap ne phir pyaar se dekha mujhe. The words which he choose in this poetry to express his feelings make this poetry more lovely. Datta, a Goan, admired Sahir’s poetry and their collaboration produced the score for MilaapChandrakantaSaadhnaDhool Ka Phool Subah-e-Navroz Dawn of a New Daymocks the way people celebrate while the poor exist in squalor.

Ghazals of sahir-ludhianvi | Rekhta

Dil pe aaye huye ilzam se pehchante hain. He would pick on the self-appointed custodian of religion, the self-serving politician, the exploitative capitalist, and the war-mongering super-powers.

BurmanSahir gained recognition.

However, when he made controversial statements promoting communisma warrant for his arrest was issued by the Government of Pakistan. He extensively worked for Hindi films like His mother name was Sardar Begum. Dekhaa Hai Zindagii Ko Kuchh.

Here we have random collection of his poetries from his several poetry books. Yuun bhi bhook miTa sakta hai. However, after Naujawaanwith music by S. Sahir’s major success was Baazi He extensively worked for Hindi films like Taj Mahal and Sadhna. His renowned published Urdu poetry work includes Talkhiyan, Parchhaiyan and many others.


Sahir Ludhyanvi have the ability to write poetries in both sad and love mood, in the various of poetrry ghazals I noted that the different mood but this “Hawas Naseeb E Nazar Ko Kahien Qarar Nahi” is the best collection which I like.

Pukaartin mujhe jab talkhiyaan zamane ki, Tere labon se halaavat ke ghoont pe leta.

15 Lyrical Gems By Sahir Ludhianvi That Every Poetry Lover Would Want To Bookmark

Sahir was then considered part of Guru Dutt’s team. Khayyam composed the film score. Sahir Ludhianvi is his pseudonym. The Case of Sahir Ludhianvi.

Sahir Ludhianvi – Wikipedia

Taj is the most famous Nazam by Sahir Ludhyanwi, I think it is never go wrong that he is the most famous only due to this Nazam, I feel happy to see in this page. However much one lies in ambush Blood betrays butcher’s hideout Conspiracies may veil in thousand darkly mask Each blood dropp ventures out with burning lamp on its palm. His work influenced Indian cinema, in particular Bollywood film. Mohabbat kis ko kehte hain, adavat kis ko kehte hain.

Read, submit and ludhianvo your favorite Sahir Ludhianvi Shayari.

Irfan, Karachi on Dec, 26 Life Sketch and Poetry Rajpal and sons,p