2 Oct Frankly speaking I consider it as a joke!, well it’s just a book not some official documentation. Ambedkar was born in a so called Dalit family so he hated. 2 Oct Indological Books, ‘Riddles In Hinduism – Dr. B.R. ‘. 11 Apr Riddles in Hinduism is one of his many works B.R. Ambedkar did not get to publish in his lifetime. As I began the process of selecting and.

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Riddle No. 1: The difficulty of knowing why one is a Hindu

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Is India Different From Pakistan? Is it not time that he should ask himself what are the causes that has brought about this religious chaos? This led to a confrontation between those who believed the publication hurt the sentiments of Hindus, calling for a ban, and those who were against such a ban.

Demonstrations and counter-demonstrations followed. I carry my Hinduism not on my sleeve or for that matter on my forehead but in my heart and in my attitudes. For her services to the temple, the Devadasi enjoyed grants made either to her personally or to the temple Nair Ambedkar comments on the conduct of the heroes of the Indian epics, the Ramayana and the MahabharataRama and Krishna, in not very flattering terms. No trivia or quizzes yet. Read with open mind to gain knowledge.


Few chapters riddles on origin of caste, supremacy of Upanishads over Vedas, treatment of untouchables are really thought provoking but for the most part, the book relies only on orientalist explanations and translations to prove its murky points. I would Google if I felt the need to check them out. This brings us back to the old question: Recent research argues that the term came into vogue with Orientalist and colonial scholarship.

April issue of Freedom First.

In other words it means that the caste system is an essential feature of Hinduism and a man who does not belong to a recognised Hindu caste cannot be a Hindu.

Kalidasa circa fifth century CE or the absolute-monist Sankara ninth century or the qualified non-dualist Ramanuja twelfth centurysimply no one — fictional characters, poets or philosophers — could have hindjism anything by the term Hindu.

Riddles in Hinduism

Or may be, it is more difficult now than it was at that time. A brilliant read for anyone who can look past their dogmas.

Even then they do not worship the same goddesses. In the first religious part, Ambedkar has pointed out total 15 riddles like why one is Hindu, the origin of Vedas, the infallibility of Vedas, analysis of Vedas ambedkarr man-made nor by God, why Gods fight each other, etc.

Ambedkar was committed to maintaining his independence, and many of the positions he staked out in a long and complex relationship with Gandhi—on the future of Hinduism, for example—remain ridcles to debate within Indian society. While the issue is peripheral, there is however an important democratic principle involved: Now ask the same question to a Hindu and there is no doubt that he will be completely bewildered and would not know what to say.


I’m saying this based on his all other works included,not only this one.

The Riddle Of Riddles In Hinduism

Ambedkar was the chairman of the constitution drafting committee and he helped establish the Finance Commission of India. Riddles has an appendix in which Dr. They were edited and published by the BAWS committee and now, in the hindduism I’ve read, a selected few were recompiled, edited and released with annotations.

This will be the first time that India will be sharing talks table with the No wonder he was a lawyer.

Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray had responded with this infamous statement: They are reluctant to describe themselves as Musalmans, and generally give their original caste name and scarcely recognise the name Malkana. Would any of the self-righteous, concerned voices have bothered about Rohith These were recklessly dumped in an open yard.

He has deeply researched all the scriptures and dissected them for us to see their internal riddlss. Riddles in Hinduism 4. Jha to access the premises and excavate her belongings.