Find great deals for Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors by Rex Feral (, Paperback). Shop with confidence on eBay!. HIT MAN ON-LINE. A Technical Manual for Independent. Contractors. Originally published by Paladin Press. Written by Rex Feral. In , a triple murder was. 25 Jul The author – who went by the pen name “Rex Feral” – wasn’t some shady mafia guy or a former special ops Green Beret. Turned out, SHE was.

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Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors – Rex Feral – Free PDF Download

Is he appraising you just as hard as you are appraising him? It is though a neccessary evil. You should know the best way to disarm an opponent. There are many, many instances when atrocities are committed that the law cannot or will not pursue, and other times when the law does its part but the American legal system is so poor that real justice is not served.

It seems that the bladder of this saltwater fish contains tetrodotoxin, a poison which is thousand times more potent than curare. Messy mistakes of this type are not only a professional embarrassment to you and your employer but they tend to alert the mark of your intentions and bring the authorities out in full force. In less than ten minutes, he leaves the men’s room a different man. Then he returns the “clean” rental car to the agency and heads directly for the airport men’s room.

Apr 01, Nativeabuse rated it really liked it. The book was also cited as a source of information in a similar crime committed by Robert Vaughn Jones in Hurriedly, he pulls on the clothing.


But ignoring the comedy, there’s the fact that this book was technically used as a manual for murder at least once. Aside from a variety of side effects, death is brought about due to stoppage of breathing.

Jan 14, Dalleer rated it it was ok. A short time later, a businessman emerges from the men’s room and approaches the ticket counter for information. Or, you can address an empty envelope to the mark’s last known address with your return address in the upper left hand corner. A subject of primary importance is where to purchase the weapons you use on job assignments.

He gets back onto hitjan interstate highway and heads out of town. The book was initially published in And with so many dealers present vying for your business, prices may be competitive. Es un ensayo entretenido y punto. Oct 03, Tom Mueller rated it really liked it Shelves: Hitmxn no way you could book flights through a travel agent ferao providing any form of ID, for one.

Folding the map so he can follow it while driving, he exits to pick up his waiting car. On the plane he dozes, having learned long ago that few people will try to make conversation with a sleeping man.

Deadbolts may take a little longer, but they are well worth the time and effort. So, you know, overall this one is not very believable as a true guide from the expert over the subject, but I would see that certain parts of it can be used as motivational material hitmman nothing else – which isn’t that great of an idea, to think of it.

Placing advertisements in military and gun magazines may get results. The ferl was always on the go and never in one place at the same time twice. For his opinion probably represents the way a goodly portion of law enforcement officers think.

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rex feral hitman

Geral is no end to the various ways of torturing a mark until he would fefal you what you want to know, and die just to get over it. This double edge, combined with the serrated section and six-inch length, will insure a deep, ragged tear, and the wound will be difficult, if not impossible, to close without prompt medical attention.

For instance, a body found lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs will have bruises, broken bones, and marks. I think that the publisher had every right to publish it and should not have been held responsible for the actions of the murderers.

Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors

If you have to depend on an artificial sense of courage in order to carry out your assignment, then this job is not for you. He not only provides the employer with his gun, but with his expert http: Then place the drill rod down the barrel to keep the brake tube aligned. Therefore, if this is your choice of extermination, your mark should be unconscious, but breathing, when the fire is set.

This number should be completely drilled out.