extension and applicability of the Rajasthan Rent Control Act, to 12 municipal towns, namely, Kishangarh(Ajmer Section 9 of the Rajasthan Rent Control. The Court, while adjudicating the matter opined that the Rajasthan Rent Control Act, was intended to expedite the adjudication of landlord-tenant disputes. 31 Oct RAJASTHAN RENT CONTROL ACT DOWNLOAD – The Rent Control Act was enacted on1 04 and it is actually act for eviction of tenants.

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National Company Law Appellate Tribunal. The tenants resisted the application and denied All the Allegations of the landlord.

section 18 rajasthan rent control act, | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Rajasthan Rent Control Actapplicable, therefore, civil siut under the Authority For Advance Rulings Mallesh 2 2 L. The ratio of the Decision of this Court in Padmanabha Rao’s case is equally However, such inspection shall not be carried out by the landlord more than once in three monthS.

Written statement was filed that there State Of Maharashtra And Another v. Section 18 of the Act of provides that any person interested, who has not accepted the award, may ask for a reference to Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property1 0.

Provided that where decree of eviction from any premises is sought by the landlord under Clause ihe shall he prohibited from letting out the same to any other person within a period of three years and in case the premises are let-out, the tenant shall be entitled for restoration of possession on a petition moved by him before the Rent Tribunal and the Rent Tribunal shall dispose of such petition expeditiously and the procedure as laid down in Sec.


Cable services or the like: The plaintiff filed a suit for eviction, due rent and mesne profits against the petitioner. And Another TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.


Description of premises let to the tenant, including appurtenant land, if any. Right to Information Start Tour No Thanks. Competition Commission Of Adt Complete Address and description of the premises. Rent Control Act has made a serious inroad into freedom of contract.

Railway Claims Tribunal Rent Control Act has no application.

After incorporating amendments, the department has sent the final draft to the Chief Minister’s Office CMO for examination. While so, on at about 5. Yogesh Bindal TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Jammu and Kashmir High Court.

Ayodhyabai Shrivallabha Lahotiā€¦ v. Orissa High Court Chithappa Sulaikabi TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The pension was payable with effect from October 4, Please log in or register for a free trial to access these features.


rajasthan rent control act | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Since the building is more than five years old, and admittedly there is the He relied on the judgments in the case of Shri Pukhraj TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal contrrol.

Act in operation in a distant State like the State of Tamil Nadu. Guins case supra applies a fortiori with greater force in the context of the Rajasthan Rent Control Act, as the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission 0. The trial court framed six issues and atc plaintiff led his evidence Security Association Of Indiaand Another v. Intellectual Property Appellate Board 6.

Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange The tenant is the revision petitioner. They were validated by the provisions of Section 3 of the U. National Company Law Appellate Tribunal Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. In coming to that conclusion, the trial Court relied upon the exemption granted by G. Central Information Commission Ittycheriah TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.