0 Student Handbook .. \QTP\samples\flight\app\flight4a. . QTP assigns a name to the object that is referred to as the: a) b) c) d) logical name object class. Micro Focus UFT is an automated unified functional testing software tool that makes manual testing more efficient and let developers and testers collaborate. 13 May Download QTP Student handbook. It takes you through the step by step sample case study. Practice with the demo applications provided. One is web based and .

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How to download the UFT userguide in this site? Hi Ankur hoping u great. Regarding creating a tutorial you have a good suggestion but the issue is I have only this much time in hand where I have to juggle between my day job, blog, QTP forums and personal work.

Add a Standard Checkpoint

Once you have mastered the basics, go to QTP Forums and qfp answering questions. Karteek on February 23, at Ram on September 11, at Please help me out. Preferably for the latest version. Ankur, Thank you very mucy, appreciate you from bottom of my heart I am male though: Sarita on November hanebook, at Nishank Bharil on April 7, at Please see our cookie policy for details. Software testing frameworks for speed and agility. I now want to learn QTP as well as the other automation tools.


Here is All You Should Know.

With the recent launch of version Thank Ankur, Handboook get your answer. Anonymous on July 14, at Anonymous on April 24, at Do you mean http: When I spy object, I can not find it. HI All, Can anyone help me find the place to post questions on QTP…i do want some answers but handgook know where to post the questions…as i am new to this site Thanks in Advance.

Thank You, Keep it up!!!!

Learn about when should automation testing come into picture. I have downloaded UFT But now,in my next script,i want to read this value from the screen.

Introduction to QTP Student Handbook: Evaluating a Test Case

Suren Blog on August 24, at Now I am trying to learn the concept of keyword driven methodology which is given in user guide. You can connect with me on twitter ajonit Please enter your first name and email address below to instantly download the eBook on Optimizing QTP Scripts. Pls help me out…. Thanks for your time in advance.

Is their maximum Chance to get A job in this Field? Anonymous on January 30, at I just downloaded QTP 9.


Salem on June 14, at Anonymous on March 4, at Ankur Jain on August 19, at FYI, I stusent not having any programing knowledge. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not qtp student handbook published. Anonymous on August 22, at Your email address will not be published. Anonymous on August 19, at Now the real thing — Download QTP tutorial. I am using your blog since 1 month, and it is soo much awasome, informative, Up to mark…: I know this may sound wierd; but i want to suggest we should design a standard tutorial which covers based qtp student handbook your professional experiences and handbok needs, this tutorial will also have extensive excercises hqndbook give the beginners handfull of exposure.

Nupur on August 5, at handbolk My application is coded by vb6. With Descriptive Programing mode you can write same script for all browsers which you are using if the support the particular qtp version Reply.

Introduction to QTP Student Handbook

There can be many reasons for you wanting to learn this tool. Thanks once again Reply. I am strucked in creating the functions.