Fernando W. S. Oliveira., Professor de Cursos Técnicos & Mestrando Eng. Mecânica (Energia Solar). Follow. Published on Feb 2, Portas Lógicas. 29 Nov Representação do Circuito Somador Completo com portas lógicas meio somadores e uma porta OR conforme o diagrama de blocos acima. Aula 12 – CI de Portas Lógicas Discretas – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Select the OK button.

If all inputs are low then pprtas output will be low also. SIM A four bit synchronous counter with display. If a modified circuit does exist the user will be prompted for saving this circuit. A special algorithm disables any non-orthogonal lines, this means that only horizontal or vertical lines may be drawn.

This is a single output device with the output reflecting the logical “nand” of its inputs, in this it is the logical inverse of the “and” gate. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Logicae and address of user if different from above, or a site lgoicas.

Tutorial de Verilog: Somador Completo (full adder)

When a logixas high is applied to it’s input it will light up, similarly when a logic low is applied it will extinguish. The toolbox allows quick and easy selection of all devices that can be selected from the pulldown menus, with the icons on the toolbox buttons matching the operation of that particular button.


Portass outputs exist on these devices “Q” and “not Q” these outputs are the logical inverse of each other. Under the terms of this license a “localised establishment” shall be considered to be a college, school, factory or similar.

Portas logicas e display de 7 segmentos | Projects | CircuitMaker

Gallery There are no design files to display. The “Options Logic Trace” menu selection toggles this function on and off. Whatever edit mode the program is in it will revert to line mode on pressing the right mouse button. Wires that cross with no junction will not be electrically connected. The mouse may be used to draw lines on the screen that represent the wires of an electronic circuit. Further to this it is also permitted to allow copying and use by bona fide students, of that establishment, for their own personal use.

This means that the output will be low if all of its inputs are high. Check price and availability Details.

Please log in to add your comment. Unable to download from CircuitMaker. These are either from the toolbox or by means of the pull down menu system. You also acknowledge that by signing up to use CircuitMaker, you agree that Altium can send you occasional emails with news about CircuitMaker and our partner service, components, and reference designs.

Windows will now automatically install EasySim to your hard disk, after prompting for a destination directory. This allows a loicas of connecting up to four separate wires at one place. Note that only a certain amount of overlap is permitted.


If at least one input is low then the output will be low also. In this case a low to high transition on the clock input will set the “Q” output high and the “not Q” output low.

Portas Lógicas

These include lines, junctions and 7 segment displays. Wires alone may only portas logicas joined only end to end. Note that in this case some indicated logic levels will be incorrect. It has four inputs at it’s base with the most significant input on the left and the least significant on the right. Active line segments can be placed, one at a time, by pressing the mouse left button.

Select the diskette that contains the EasySim distribution files. This is a single output device with the output reflecting the logical “and” of logicaw inputs.

At this point in time some of the indicated logic levels will be incorrect. Tags elementos portas logicas eletronica digital eletronica portas logicas portas logicas.