PROJECT REPORT ON MARKETING STRATEGY OF PARLE COMPANY In the .. Makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very. Parle marketing mix explains the business & marketing strategies of the brand. Though famous for Parle G, Parle products offer various options in other. 31 Aug As per the stats the market of biscuits in India is Rs. – crore (Rs. billion). Out of all the players in the biscuits, Parle-G holds the.

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Parle pqrle marketing strategy for rural india Im monika sharma, prestenly doing my second year mba frm mumbai university the project im submitting is a marketing strategy of parle-g thanks.

Parle Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy | MBA

The marketing mix of parle g shows the 4p’s of parle biscuits which is one of the most trusted names amongst indian brands and is the oldest biscuit brandits parent company parle products was established in the year and the company started the manufacturing of biscuits in the year With changed aspirations, biscuit consumption has moved to new premium formats.

Integrated marketing communication examples india, marketing mix used by parle g parle g marketing strategy rural marketing strategies of parle g. Parle g marketing strategy is one brand that has always believed in branding. Parle brand is one of the most recognized biscuit manufacturing company in India. Hence all the products of Parle are such that they can be consumed at any point of time and by anyone. Moreover, all the products parle g marketing strategy attractive and distinct packaging which attracts the target group.

Marketing Lessons Taught By ‘Parle G’

Parle used a mix of print and TV media combined with effective ad campaigning which did wonders for the brand within a short span of time. Fevicol ka Mazboot Jod hai, Tootega Nahi. Parle is primarily divided into 3 product categories: Parle-G was first manufactured in the year on a very small scale in Mumbai but was quickly accepted by biscuit lovers.

Here is the marketing strategy of parle parle g is one of the most widely distributed biscuit brands in india and has marketing strategy of acer parle g marketing strategy acer.


Biscuits manufactured by parle products in india started manufacturing biscuits tag line: The companies are not associated with MBASkool in any way.

Parle has actively aprle involved in print and press media. Specifically, to Parle G, the company promoted using the logo of a young girl and later also had an ambassador for the brand.

Parle g marketing strategies

Parle marketing mix explains the company in india though famous for parle g strategy of parle g has enabled it to retain its. Parle is primarily divided into 3 product categories: Since the Glucose-biscuit market has reached its maturity stage, Parle changes its conventional marketing strategies and now uses penetrative strategy to cater to this market.

Lives all over india and abroad parle products also has parle g marketing strategy market of parle-g parle g is taken by parle for parle -g as a marketing strategies. Parle has grown to be a multi-million dollar company which is famous for providing quality products. The company was able to maintain it, owing to its in house packaging, procurement and other supply chain processes.

This gives an insight in the Parle marketing mix. Parle brand is one of the most recognized biscuit manufacturing company in India. In fact, the biscuits offered cater to all kinds of segment be it lower or upper middle class and are available in different product sizes. A brand born before its country emerged to be an independent nation: Moreover, it started promotions on a national level scale by fulfilling the dreams of selective children.

Parle company practices mass marketing for parle- g which appeals to masses it is a product liked by everyone and does not cater only to a specific group or part of the whole market thus it is mass production, mass distribution and mass promotion of parle- g for all buyers. This was done in order to build a brand association and connect with common people.

Though famous for Parle G, Parle products offer various options in other segments and even in the biscuit category. Parle wanted to compete in mass market and thus sold biscuits at a very low price possibly the lowest in the industry.

In a country like India where thousands of new biscuit brands are launched every year with very less differentiation, surviving for such a long period seems to be an unimaginable task.


Parle has followed a low-cost strategy in order to establish a market leader position.

Hence, this concludes the Parle marketing mix. Restaurants, hotels and even small dhabas prefer keeping Parle G as the biscuit to be served along with tea or coffee. A brand that never differentiated its customers based on their income levels and catered to both the rich class and the poor people.

Though Parle believes in focusing on quality, it still has been able to manage low cost due to the high volumes of production. Parle is famous for providing munching products which specifically appeal to the Indian taste buds. Thanks for sharing about the brand.

In the confectionery segment, the appeal has been universal. It comes in base pack of Rs 2 for biscuits whereas the toffees range from 1 to 2 stratdgy.

Marketing Lessons Taught By ‘Parle G’ » Your Brand Tale

Parle-G is the most consumed biscuit in India that not only provides relishing moments to people who crave to eat something good but also gives solace to the poor and hungry ones. Marketing and strategy rural india consists of villages that housepeople strateg are parle-g priced at rs 2. This, in turn, has resulted in the brand history of over 78 years and made Parle G the undisputed leader in the biscuit industry. It brought about a revolution in the advertising industry in trying to get the first mover advantage.

In every sense, Parle G proves to be an iconic brand that focuses on adding value to the end customer rather than minting money from the poor pockets of Indian masses. Parle brand has always been associated with positive emotions and has incorporated qualities like sharing and caring.

Lesson Learnt- Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.