30 May After the Second World War, the Allies betrayed their own civilizing values – the Atlantic Charter, the Four Freedoms, and the Geneva. 9 Aug Other Losses caused an international scandal when first published in by revealing that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s. Other Losses has 68 ratings and 8 reviews. Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of James Bacque. Other.

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Overcopies have been sold in eleven countries. Other Losses claims that the U. Several historians rebutting Bacque have argued that the missing POWs simply went home, that Red Cross food aid was sent to displaced civilians and that German POWs were fed the same rations that the U. Lists with This Book.

Mar 30, Greta marked it as not-to-read. Ambrose noted that Bacque is a Canadian novelist with no previous historical research or writing experience.

No treaty has ever been signed to end that war, which therefore continues with the occupation of Germany by US military bases. Perhaps he can try the interviewing techniques that he employed in Other Losses —namely putting words in the mouths of selective eyewitnesses. Bischoff and Ambrose stated that Other Losses states that of Eisenhower, “he felt ashamed that he bore a German name”, citing Stephen Ambrose and Colonel Ernest Fisher, when what Ambrose said to Fischer was “It is rumored that Ike once said, ‘I’m ashamed my name is Eisenhower,’ but I’ve never seen it, never used it, and don’t believe it.

Other Losses

Open Preview See a Problem? In alone, two million of the 3. Former Bundeswehr officer, Colonel Max Klaar accepted the apology and presented a proposal for an official peace treaty, between Germany and the Allies. My neighbour surrendered in France and was interned at St Nazaire. Jueri rated it it was amazing Aug 05, In the end, Bacque usually resorts to conspiracy theories to salvage his outrageous charges. Historian James Tent concludes that “James Bacque might be willing to relegate the world food shortage to the category of myth.


Jan 20, Eric rated it liked it. Regarding the impossibility of a conspiracy on the scale purported by Bacque, Villa states that “[i]n truth, had Eisenhower committed the crimes Bacque alleges, someone surely would have gossiped, ratted, leaked, or even just hinted.

Very tediously written badly organized and repetitious–and looks like it was padded out for publication –but the story it tells is appalling. The book claims that there was a “method of genocide” in the banning of Red Cross inspectors, the returning of food aid, the policy regarding shelter building, and soldier ration policy.

Bacque, one understands, wants a villain in the piece. Other Losses concludes that the food crisis in Europe was contrived by Allied forces by the use of restrictive food import policy, including restrictions on Red Cross food deliveries, and other means.

Other Losses by James Bacque

So much for Bacque’s careful use of sources. Villa states that “James Bacque’s Other Losses illustrates what happens when the context surrounding historical persons and important events is lost.

Army warehouses had Andreas Voigt rated it it was amazing Aug 01, When it seems so, the price is purchased at the price of accuracy. Bacque described his other witness, John Foster, as a camp guard “in charge of the work detail of fifty men, Germans and Americans, who did nothing all day but drag bodies out of the camp.

Other Losses – Wikipedia

Historian Rolf Steininger stated that Bacque’s claim that the failure to publish the s and s German Maschke Commission finding death figures to be a “cover up” contradicts that the entire 22 volume series was actually published in without jxmes restrictions, to which only an oblique reference is made in an Other Losses endnote.

Maybe some things never need to be known??? In short, Eisenhower faced shortages even before he learned that there were at least 17 million more people to feed in Germany than he had expected not to mention all of the other countries in bacue Europe, the Philippines, Okinawa and Japan. Villa states that, by Bacque’s reasoning, George C. While harsh treatment of prisoners occurred, no evidence exists that it was part of an organized systematic effort.


Historians Gunter Bischof and Brian Loring Villa stated that a research report from the panel “soundly refuted the charges of Other Lossesespecially Bacque’s fanciful handling of statistics. Ambrose, biographer of Eisenhower — June 21, What if the unchecked decline of western civilization continues to the point where believing Christians are thought without any proof to be a hazard to the public at large.

Often during my talk with Mr Bacque I reminded him that my memory has deteriorated badly during the 40 odd years since Stephen Ambrosea historian Eisenhower had enlisted in his efforts to preserve his legacy and counteract criticisms of his presidency, and otther other historians examined the book soon after its publication and came to the conclusion that it was inaccurate and the product of conspiracy theory.

And that othed also supported by Private Heinz who remembers decades later how they were fed “almost nothing”. Ilyas Ozturk rated it liked it Dec 09, Preview — Other Losses by James Bacque.

After the publication of Bacque’s book, a panel of eight historians gathered for a symposium in the Eisenhower Center for American Studies [38] at the University of New Orleans from December 7—8, to review Bacque’s work.

From Wikipedia, lossex free encyclopedia. Other Losses is still available in German as Der geplante Tod: Mar 26, TrumanCoyote rated it liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Army had plenty of surplus tents which could have been issued.