24 Oct Stompas, Morkanaut, and Bad Moons rules for the new Orks codex were just revealed by Stompa & Morkanaut Getting Updates Rules. 18 Oct More Ork codex rules have been spotted for their new book, with the Deffkilla Wartrike, stratagems, and Stompa rules are all in the spotlight. 4 Jun Don’t let the stats fool you, these things can and will brutalize nearly Supporting a Stompa with a cloud of Orks of any variety – whether on foot.

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The point Buzzgob Big Mek Stompa is not a misprint. Four; rulea in its belly, one in its head. If I read this right a Battlewagon with a deff rolla, grabbinkalw and weackin ball will have 5 extra attacks when it hits combat. Comparing this guy to the other Goff design only reinforces this notion.

Like most Orkish machinery, each Stompa is a unique effigy to their gods Gork and Morkwith each having a different layout and appearance to be distinguishable from one another. Like most Ork titans the Stompa is usually equipped with one of several close combat weapons for extra killy such as an oversized chainsaw or a giant hammer to smash sum gitz!

Assault Cannons are usually wtompa to Ork plays because they can shred through their lines. An old stompa variant that never saw the light of day in Warhammer 40, proper, the Digga Stompa is the tiniest Stompa.

It’s Like Tactics: Stompa Review – The Blood of Kittens Network

The Goff Stompa was popularized by the Goffs who would’ve thought! If you roll a 1 in the next turn trying ruels deploy this model then it is treated as “gotten bored and started fighting itself” and is treated as slain.

Do whatever it takes to pour buckets of shots at the poor person who thought they could go toe-to-toe with you.


Finally, a model with this rule only gains a bonus to its save in cover if at least half of the model is obscured from the bearer. For defense, a Mek’s Stompa can be protected by a force field, a rarity for Ork walkers of this size, but knowing the Orks the chances of it protecting the stompa against other titans is slim. Roll a D6 whenever a command point gets used.

New Ork Rules For Stompas & Bad Moons REVEALED

Ads by Project Wonderful! There are no rules for the Mek Stompa on tabletop, although you can proxy a Kustom Stompa as one by giving it a Deth Kannon on one arm and a Lifta-Droppa on the other. Mek rlues are essentially the same except bubble chukka is heavyd6 sD6 ap-D6 dmgD6 The old index rule for allocating is gone. Rkles think this ork stompa rules the 6e ork stompa rules What is the cost of a Okr Nob?

You can throw a wall of bodies at something, fall back and pepper it with shots, then charge it again. Most Ork players like putting as many Meks as possible into their Stompas to keep them repaired. Evil Sunz Warlord Trait: The Mek’s Stompa switches its close combat weaponry for even more Dakkausually armed with massive cannons, rapid-firing gatling guns that spew out tank shells, an assortment of lesser guns, and sometimes a plethora of different rokkits, some piloted by Grots willing or otherwise.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Take a look at the rumors revolving around this unit.

One that is fast moving and relentless in shooting and in combat. This is brutal in sustained combat. This is a great Formation if you want to make a super top heavy list, take a Stompa and minimal Grot units and then invest everything into Ork stompa rules with a delivery system.


It’ll take about 21 lascannon hits to kill, considering its toughness, save, and wounds. However it only costs ish points so takes about 4 lascannon hits per points spent.

This will help alleviate that. That, or the Mek is drumming up his own Waaagh! If ever wanted a 1 in 6 chance of Deep Striking your Stompa this is the Detachment atompa you! Vehicle Super-heavy Walker, Transport. Detachments Ork Horde Detachment: Submit a new text post. This model is going to be perfect for a Mad Max-type army. In addition, whenever this model successfully charges an enemy unit, that unit suffered 2D3 mortal wounds.

They seem pretty tough to me, for the cost? If I do buy into it, money and time wise, can I expect an army that can hold it’s own in a semi-competitive environment and wont get boring after too long?

Retrieved from ” https: The Stompa always fails one of two ways, either ruules Assaulting or being tarpitted. If you have enough points it is important you have another Assault unit capable of dealing with the threats to your Stompa.

Minimalist settings on Battlescribe is a good example. Well the guns got a face-lift, too:.

This page was last modified on 16 Octoberat Put a squig mine on an objective or a choke point to force your enemy to move differently. A few bad Stomp rolls can keep a Stompa in combats longer than you want, allowing your opponent time to pick the rest of otk army apart. You may “kunninly eploy” this model in reserve instead stoma setting it up on the battlefield during deployment.