4 Sep One Mind. How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters. by Larry Dossey, M.D.. Books. Be the first to review. One Mind (paperback). Imagine a united consciousness, an awareness of which all of our minds are a part and a potential way out of the division, greed, and. 9 Oct Welcome, Larry. Thank you for joining us. Phil, thanks for the invitation. It’s a pleasure. Allow me to introduce you. Larry Dossey, MD is the.

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Having an open mind allows one the gift of exploration of life itself. We are composite creatures. Samenvatting Imagine a united consciousness, an awareness of which all of our minds are a part. Terry Mollner Eldering 20, Uitgever Hay House Uk Ltd. They reveal linkages and connections between distant individuals. So putting these together, these different threads, has been a real fun work for me.

One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

Written by a medical doctor, it’s a scientific look at spiritual subjects which are more and more crossing over into the world of physical proof via the experimentation of quantum physicists.

Erwin Schrodinger, a physicist and philosopher and a strong believer of Vedanta, echoed its basic concepts of All in One, and expounded on the foundations of quantum physics that in One Mind, the consciousness is transpersonal, universal, collective, and infinite in spacetime. I think, Phil, that this is the greatest contribution that this idea of One Mind makes to human welfare. You mentioned that there are two ways to apprehend the existence of the One Mind — either experimental or experiential.


There is life after death. Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. I actually saw Dean Radin speak at IONS about this very topic, and I asked a question during the presentation referencing your thoughts on it. Exploring Holistic Consciousness Dr. Oct 09, Brenda rated it it was amazing. Just a few moments ago I finished reading “One Mind. The book is like a nut graph without the final nut.

It’s about an idea, which sounds radical.

Instead he just makes argument after argument in favor of collective consciousness, painstakingly proving the idea with scientific evidence. The broad sweep into one phenomenon is superficial and not sossey. I liked this book but I do feel like the author does not deliver on his promise. Recensie s Larry Dossey is a master storyteller, physician, and critical thinker.

He predicted two elements that were discovered within 15 years. For instance, he acknowledges that we have done irreparable damage to our planet.

Larry Dossey, MD on the One Mind and Unity Consciousness | The Shift Network

I’m happy to hear that. The Catalyst is produced by The Shift Network to feature inspiring stories and provide information to help shift consciousness and take practical action. I am well aware of individuals who have used science and experiments as essentially a spiritual path to greater wisdom. You were very early in your medical practice, and you said that when you told your colleague about the dream that involved the medical care of his son, he was extremely disturbed and wanted to hear no more of it.


You and I have talked about the love of collecting quotations. And so I’ve had my finger on the pulse of what’s going on with the attitude of females in healing, and it’s been quite wonderful. Feb 10, Frances rated it it was ok Shelves: It has to do with our own survival. The book is mainly second hand accounts of people’s esoteric collective consciousnesses experiences, explained by Dossey in a more modern scientific language.

Because whatever this solution was supposed to be, I missed it. So I think this idea is extremely, extremely practical.

We have emphasized this to the detriment of our unity side, and I think this has had pathological consequences for us. Great read, leaves one to think and believe, why not? It’s sort of like an iceberg. If you do that and you’re oen to the bears and the wildlife, you can really get your consciousness altered lzrry get in touch with things that are totally obscure as long as you try to exist in our technological complex world.

Allow me to introduce you.

These cases include experiences of: Having recently seen The Gut: The part of the consolation for me in this model of connected mental faculties is the idea that this is traceable back lqrry millennia.