K views NORMA K Especificaciones de Tuberia T 1 B . la ocurrencia de un incidente, en los centros de trabajo del Organismo Pemex Refinación; . 7 6. en la Norma Oficial Mexicana NOMSTPS y en la Guía Corporativa. Norma k Rev 7 Teoria NRFPEMEXF(VAAR) . Concepto K- Principio de presión inversa Presión: P1 P3 P3 P1 Burgmann. 11 Jul is submitting the Form 6-K in paper as permitted by Regulation S-T Rule (b )(1) The following discussion of PEMEX’s recent results should be read in Petróleos Mexicanos hereby designates this report on Form 6-K as being /) filed by Compañía Petrolera La Norma, S.A., against.

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When PEMEX acquires a business, it assesses the acquired assets and liabilities in order to appropriately classify and pwmex each, taking into account the contractual terms, economic circumstances and other pertinent conditions as of the date of the acquisition.

Translations herein should not be construed as a representation that pe,ex peso amounts have been or could be converted into U. Total duties, taxes and other. Such plans contemplate remediation for environmental damages, as well as related investments for the improvement of equipment, maintenance, labor and materials.

Loss profit sharing in non-consolidated m, associates and others. The amortized cost is calculated based on any discount or premium on acquisition and fees and costs that are an integral part of the EIR method. With respect to any activities not pemexx exclusively for the State, the Subsidiary Entities may enter into alliances or partnerships with third parties. This increase was mainly due to a Unrealized foreign exchange income. Cost is determined based on the cost of production or acquisition of inventory and other costs incurred in transporting such inventory to nodma present location and in its present condition, using the average cost formula.

The estimation of these reserves depends on assumptions made and the interpretation of the data available, and may vary among analysts. During the first three months ofwe applied net cash flows of Ps. Production of petroleum products decreased by When a gain or loss from a non-monetary item is recognized in other comprehensive results, any exchange difference included in that gain or loss is recognized in other comprehensive results.

Pemxe rating agencies have expressed concerns regarding: The sharp decline in oil prices that began in late had a negative impact on our ability to generate positive cash flows, which, together with our continued heavy tax burden, further exacerbated our ability to fund our capital expenditures and other expenses from cash flow from operations.



The main changes from the previous standard are:. If an impairment loss subsequently improves, and such improvement is greater than the carrying value of the asset and appears to be permanent, the impairment loss recorded previously is reversed only up to the amount of the previously recognized impairment loss. Pipelines, properties, and equipment received from customers are initially recognized at fair value as revenue from ordinary operating activities if PEMEX has no future obligations to the customer who transferred the item.

PEMEX recognizes the cost for defined benefit plans based on independent actuarial computations applying the projected unit credit method. Norma K Pemex Pdf. The costs of major maintenance or replacement of a significant component of an item of wells, pipelines, properties, plant and equipment are recognized in the carrying amount of the item if it is probable that the future economic benefits embodied within the component will flow to PEMEX and its cost can be measured reliably.

When a party participates in, but does not share in the control of a joint operation, and subsequently takes joint control of that joint operation, this will constitute the acquisition of a business and previously held interest in the normx operation are not measured.

A financial asset is impaired if objective evidence indicates that a loss event has occurred after the initial recognition of the asset, and that the loss event had a negative effect on the estimated future cash flows of the financial noram.

Credit losses are measured as the present value of all cash shortfalls for example, the difference between the cash flows due to the entity in accordance with the contract and the cash flows that PEMEX expects to receive. Estimated useful lives of items of properties, plant and equipment are reviewed if expectations differ from previous estimates. Associates are those entities in which PEMEX has significant influence but not the power to control financial and operational decisions.

To service our debt, we have relied and may pemsx to rely on a combination of cash flow from operations, drawdowns under our available credit facilities and the incurrence of additional indebtedness including refinancing of existing indebtedness.

PEMEX holds derivative financial instruments to pe,ex its foreign currency and interest rate risk exposures. These assets are considered to have an indeterminate useful life due to the potential for maintenance and repairs, and, accordingly, PEMEX lacks sufficient information to reasonably determine the date on which they will be dismantled. Cash and cash equivalents.

Any gain or loss arising from changes in the fair value of the derivatives is recognized directly in pdmex income statement. PEMEX enters into transactions whereby it transfers assets recognized in its statement of financial position, but retains either all or substantially all of the risks and rewards of the transferred assets.


Derivative financial instruments loss gain, net. The fair value of an asset or liability is measured by using the same assumptions that market participants would make when pricing the asset or liability under the premise that market participants take into account highest and best use of the asset or liability.

While Norma K Pemex, the program lacks any customization options directly in the app, which slightly limits its utility. Total debt, including accrued interest, decreased by Ps.

This decrease was mainly due to Ps. As of the date of this report, a hearing before the Eleventh District Civil Court is still pending. The selected consolidated interim financial information set forth below is derived from our unaudited condensed consolidated interim financial statements included elsewhere in this report.


The logistics segment earns income from transportation and storage of crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals, as well as related services, which it provides by employing pipelines and offshore and onshore resources, and from providing services related to the maintenance, handling, guarding and management of these products. This is generally the case when PEMEX determines that the debtor does not have assets or sources of income that could generate sufficient cash flows to repay the amounts subject to the write-off.

Avenida Marina Nacional No.

The capitalization of these costs is suspended during periods in which the development of construction is interrupted, and its capitalization ends when the activities necessary for the use of the qualifying asset are substantially completed. As we describe in Note 2 to our unaudited condensed consolidated interim financial statements, we have experienced certain conditions that have generated material uncertainty that may cast significant doubt on our ability to continue operating as a going concern.

Production of liquid natural gas decreased by The amortized cost is calculated based on any discount or premium on acquisition and fees and costs that are an integral part of i EIR method. However, crude oil production in the first quarter of was 0.

PEMEX is in the process of evaluating the impact that these amendments will have on its consolidated financial statements.