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Hello World, this is a test. Now add the latitude to the declination so found, and the result is lagiri required declination of the moon or the planet in question. Virodhin lahkri 09 Take the multiplier from the following table against the daily motion m of the function.

The table below gives the values of ayanamsa mean ayanamsa for Jan 0 for the years to A. Kilaka 68 r 3. Pages Apr. Ill 2 T-A Tab. For this purpose first convert the given date into the corresponding date of the Standard Calendar where necessary. Saturn j Herschel Rahu yr.

To obtain the Sayana or tropical longitude, the amount of Ayanamsa for the year as given on page 52 is to be added to them. Weekday— The weekdays recur regularly after a period of 28 years in the Standard Calendar.

The months of all these calendars are alsoalmo of the same length as those of the Bengali calendar. T given in the old school Panchangs that follow the Surya-Siddhanta calculations, and consequential determination of first day of the month of the related solar calendar are based on the above figures For some of such Panchangs a further small correction is required to be applied arising out of erroneous determination oiDrsantar Longitude from Ujjain by the earlier observers.


Pingala 77 3 Kudhirndcari 83 4; The decimal figure of the date converted by the above table would give the hour of the day. The apparent nirayana longitude of the Sun so obtained has been termed as True Sun. Find the times of N. January 0 means the day before January 1 i.

Pick Of The Day. Take from the following table the figures given against the age of the person completed number of years and add it to the above figures.

Eclipse begins at h. A new table on Savana Calendar has been given in this book in order to facilitate fixing the date of ending of a dasa lzhiri which is based on the Savana year of days.


Sorry, out of stock. Comics And General Novels. Then find the declination accor- ding to this tropical longitude from the table given for Sun, which may be called the declination of place.

Vikarin 59 19 A lunar eclipse started shortly after His birth. Krodlnn 64 24 The year begins on Mar.

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Manmatha 55 15 Longitude of Mercury by the detailed method. V — Reduction For the purpose of simplification of work, lahirk terms have not been taken into account. For this purpose very precise values of longitudes are however not necessary. Year Mftgba Malamasa ss Malamasa Feb. Those for the Mocn, Mercury and Venus are shown below. From the point b to c the Lagna increases with increase of Sidereal time as usual, but from d to a it decreases with the increase of S.


The figures given within brackets under A are those of Grahalagbava and Siddhanta Kahasya of Bengal where some Bija corrections were applied in the Lunar anomaly.

Then find — Residue X Multiplier — Time interval. Here also the Nakshatra or Yoga is completed when the longitude or sum of longitudes becomes equal to the figure given against the name of the Nakshatra or Yoga concerned.

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Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks! If you need any of your orders’ to be delivered outside of India, please reach out to us via our contact us page with the product details and delivery location for us to quote you the best possible shipping price. Vilamba 58 18 Mercury- For this planet the period ot 13 years or more correctly days may be utilised. From tables given at the end, corrections due to anomaly, tithi, etc.

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