Nationstar Mortgage. (This package is not for FHA, VA Heloc or HUD Loans, please request) Completed Short Sale Information Summary Form (attached). NationStar is now using Initiate your short sale there. Also the borrower needs to call to give financial info. 6 Dec The New Mr. Cooper Short Sale Package is now required on all Mr. Cooper Short Sales after Nationstar Mortgage changed their name to Mr.

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NationStar Mortgage – Short Sale Superstars

But remember, you still have to give them a valid offer. You can apply online here. Started by Sigal Waizman.

Started by Wanda martinez. Your options may include refinancing, repayment plans, and loan modification. Your email address will not be published.

The other was due to my contact with the VP and proved to him the benefit of not going to Homesearch. You may have fewer options if you wait.

What is a Mr. Cooper Short Sell Package Reply. How can Pqckage get a copy of the New Mr.

Like 29 members like this Share Tweet Facebook. To complete your application, we’ll need certain supporting documents.

Cooper — Nationstar Changes name to Mr. I am slae a Mr.

I just wrapped up a few for FHA and Fannie investors and they didn’t “charge” for the extensions. Does this thread still apply? This may vary by state. That’s why we’ve made shorh application process as streamlined as possible. Nationstar, FHA loan, mortgagor denied short sale eligibility and instead offered forbearance.


If you only remember one thing about mortgage assistance, it should be this: Last reply by Donte Tribble Apr 5.

I remember years and years ago, a servicer had a per dime fee in their approvals to counter any requests for extensions. All Groups My Groups. Also remember that as long as you’re a Mr. There is a new Mr. Sometimes hardworking, responsible people fall behind on their mortgage payments. A Deed in Lieu in most cases is not available when there are additional liens on the propertynot just additional mortgage liens but any other type of liens. Nationstart will not accept to start a short sale Started by Elvira Quiray.

Initiate your short sale there. Is this investor related or Nationstar in general? This new package is being introduced after Nationstar Mortgage changed their name to Mr. Cooper Short Sale Package because now that the company has changed their name all of their documents with their old companys letter head have to be updated. In August Nationstar Mortgage in effort to reinvent their company changed their name to Mr.

It’s always unfortunate when a homeowner calls or applies for mortgage help, and there’s a great option that would likely make a big difference At this time the home owner is not eligible to participate in the short… Continue.

NationStar Mortgage

Options Our top shirt will always be to help you keep your home. These folks are experts at helping people like you find a solution and get you back on top of your payments. In some cases, the most feasible solution is for a homeowner to leave their home.


Last reply by Minna Reid Oct 11, Cooper Short Sale Package? Yes, this does happen NationStar Short Sale Informations. We’ll always have your back, no matter what. Whatever the cause, if you’re having trouble keeping up with your mortgage or anticipate trouble soon we want to help.

Dec 6, Short Sale 1 comment.

Mr. Cooper Short Sale Package

The sooner we sake from you, the sooner we can get to work finding a solution customized to your situation. In addition to mortgage assistance, we can point you to some great resources for improving your financial and housing situation during hard times.

The sheriff sale date is in a week. This is a federal program designed to help people in areas hardest hit by the bationstar slump that began in I’ve never seen one since. After we receive your application, we’ll let you know which we need. Sign Up or Sign In.

Mr. Cooper Short Sale Package : New Short Sale Documents

Nationstar just seems to find new ways to surprise distressed homeowners. Or if you think you’re ready, fill out salw application now. You can get the software for free here Get Adobe Reader.