This is a history of economic thought from Adam Smith to John Maynard Keynes – but it is a history with a difference. Firstly, it is a history of economic theory, not. LibraryThing Review. User Review – Ndkchk – LibraryThing. First, the good: Blaug goes over an incredible amount of economic theory, very expertly. Cambridge Core – Economic Thought, Philosophy and Methodology – Economic Theory in Retrospect – by Mark Blaug.

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Education in classical economics. The productivity of greater roundaboutness. The marginal productivity theory of distribution.

Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Economic Theory: The law of diminishing returns 8 Differential rent 9 The alternative cost of land 10 Land as a factor of production 11 Site value taxation. Book summary page views Book summary views reflect the number of visits to the book and chapter landing pages.

Wconomic theory of imputation 6 Linear programming 7 The Hobson objection 8 The highwage economy theory 9 The present status of marginal producti Costofproduction theory 5 Supplydetermined prices.

Consumer behaviour 33 The content of the maximand 34 Price formation 35 Supply as reverse demand 36 The doctrine of alternative costs.


Economic Theory in Retrospect by Mark Blaug

Economic Theory in Retrospect. Ricardo in still more modern dress. International wage and price levels 22 Humes Law 23 Transfer payments 24 Blakg ventforsurplus doctrine 25 The basis of a theory of international tra Thiinens marginal productivity theory.

The status of the subjective theory of value. Index of subjects Contents Preface to fifth edition.

Economic Theory in Retrospect

Mark Blaug – – Cambridge University Press. Blaug goes over an incredible amount of economic theory, very expertly summarizing the key thoughts and ideas of most major economists. BohmBawerks model 9 The definition of the average period 10 The calculation of the average period.

Is the average period infinitely long? The accumulation of capital. The direct and indirect mechanisms 14 The two rates 15 Business cycles 16 Currency reform 17 Is the money supply exogenous? Secondly, it includes detailed Reader’s Guides to nine of the major texts of economics, namely the works of Smith, Ricardo, Mill, Marx, Marshall, Wickstead, Wicksell, Walras and Keynes, in the effort to inn students to become acquainted at first hand with the writings of all the great economists.

Selected pages Table of Contents. The doctrine of productive labour 3 Theory of capital 4 The wages fund doctrine.

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Cambridge Companion to Keynes. Economic Theory in Retrospect. Profit as a return to arbitrage. Development of Economic Analysis.


The great contradiction 4 The transformation problem 5 Solutions of the transformation problem. Joint and composite demand and supply 24 Marginal net product 25 Rent and quasirent 26 Increasing returns 27 The particular expenses curve 28 T A social unit of accounting 11 The trend of prices.

I1 The formal properties of linearly homogeneous production functions. His prose is not easy to read, but after Introduction 11 Scope substance and method.

This fifth edition adds new Reader’s Guides to Walras’ Elements of Pure Economics and Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Reetrospect and Money as well as major additions to the chapters on marginal productivity theory, general equilibrium theory and welfare economics.

This is a history of economic thought from Adam Smith to John Maynard Keynes – but it is a history with a difference. The meaning of glaug profit 19 The entrepreneur as a factor of production.