Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Making a Transistor Radio [G.C. Dobbs, B.H. Robinson] on Hardcover: 52 pages; Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd (January 27, ); Language. Making a Transistor Radio – Ladybird Book. Making a Transistor Radio Book Cover. Making a transistor radio is a book written by G.C. Dobbs, with illustrations .

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So small signals applied to the base will appear amplified or made bigger at the collector. This is the circuit diagram. Some components are joined by P.


It is possible for some of the audio signal to feed back to this stage through this IK resistor and distort the signal. Full out a 3 inch loop and twist the wire until it is tight up to the rod Fig. These trannies were pretty ancient history even inso that wouldn’t be too surprising.

Woolworths produced a series of these, I found a mention of them here: Artists in the 60s were probably drawing from what they knew ten or twenty years ago. The sclderrng iron bit and metaJ shaft can burn the skin!

Books You Should Read: Making A Transistor Radio

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I probably still have a copy transidtor it somewhere. Tire nearer the centre contact is adjusted to the base side of the control, the more signal is allowed to go to the base of the second transistor.

Covers were almost the same but inside drawings were black and white. Or perhaps an AM radio is no longer enough to capture the imagination of a child. Any excuse to blow out the dust from the s germanium transistors drawer. When one knows the colour code opposite;, it is easy to work out the resistance from the coloured bands, The tolerance of the resistor, that is, how close one can expect it to be to the value, is sometimes in- transustor with another coloured band.

The part of the coil tapped between the transistor collector through Cl and earth, allows the signal to reach the collector again. Look at most pieces of equipment and you will see makng small, wire-ended tubes with brightly coloured bands.


I got this book which I still have, and now show to my university students when I my family spent my Grade 3 year in Scotland in Boom more screwcups are added at the end of the board to connect the output leads to the loudspeaker, using two small crocodile clips.

Most of these can be found in a normal household toolbox or are inexpensive to buy. As founder of the G-QRP Clubhe has been very active in furthering the cause of low-power amateur radio. It is possible to replace ihe screw cups of the radio with small copper nails Arid Solder the components onto these. Two diodes are needed to provide the feedback path from the 50GpF capacitor. One end is marked either with a red band or a H sign, and this side goes to the positive side of the circuit.

Not all the screws are used in building the first part of the radio; the additional screws are needed later as the radio is completed. Most transistors have three leads, emitter, collector and base.

All the components used arc easily available, usually from your local radio dealer. That stabilises the d. It’s not stunningly loud, but I’m not going to grumble too much from 3 transistors. Two dozen of each are required. The signal, now marked red. Screw the transformer onto the base, as shown; remove I he K resistor across G and H and connect the correct leads colour coded to the screwcups.

I still have this book stored away. Well you can see the pictures of the one I’ve made and the similarity to the illustrations in the book. The illustrations opposite will guide you through each stage.

This was actually the first technical book I bought for myself. Although this board is very simple to make, it is important to try to get the screws in straight so that the screwcups press firmly onto the wires. Although he final radio which we will make will not need an aerial and earth, the crystal set relies on the electrical current set tip between a good aerial and earth to work well, A suitable aerial can be made from inexpensive PVC covered copper wire.


The ladybiird should be sharp enough to tune in individual stations without the background sounds of other stations. It would be interesting to see how easily a contemporary version of the book could be created, with silicon transistors, Schottky signal diodes, and a polyvaricon to replace the Jackson Dilecon variable capacitor.

Many symbols are used in circuit diagrams and we will learn them as we meet them in the course of our construction. Perhaps maikng components were present in an original design and were removed in a misguided attempt to save parts before publication.

Definitely was the start of my interest in electronic tinkering. Stretch the wire until the free end lightly touches the coke. You will spend most of the afternoon trying to get the screws to go in, and get very bored when you find that the first hole that you’ve eventually mangled out with the bradawl is now too big for blok screws to get a grip in. Interestingly, there is a spare screwcup position just where these parts are required. By moving the shaft, which is usually fitted with a plastic knob, any part of the resistance can be used and tapped off through the centre tag.


The positions of the com- ponerus on the circuit diagram do not normally corres- pond to their actual positions in the completed equip- ment, Sometimes a layout diagram is also used to show where to position the components on a base board. The connections of the transistor are im- portant. Along this same aerial pass the radio frequency carrier waves from many other transmitting stations, but the signal makinng want from a particular transmitter must be selected tuned from them, 2.

If you want to make a radio kit with modern parts that doesn’t require soldering I recommend this: This was a bit later mid s and I seem to remember the design used a ZN A contemporary picture of a s child.