Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Prince Muhammad Dara ioned. Work No. MAJMA’-UL-BAHRAIN. TEXT AND TRANSLATION. MAJMA’-UL- BAHRAIN OR THE MINGLING OF THE TWO OCEANS BY PRINCE MUHAMMAD . Majma-ul-Bahrain (Hindi: मज्म ‘उल बह् रैन’, Urdu: مجمع البحرین , “The Confluence of the Two Seas”) is a book on comparative religion authored by Dara.

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Hanbal, called Imam Hanbal, d. For further particulars regarding his life and teachings see TadhhiraPul-Awliyd, ed, Nicholson, vol. There is no denying bahraain fact that he must have received his education on old, orthodox lines but, nevertheless, he had the courage to cast away all prejudice and examine things in their true perspective. A large bahraiin of the followers of Moses, having become Anthropomorphists, began worshipping the cow and committed sin. We shall only know mwjma certain when his whole mimre is made accessible to us, and we are grateful to Professor Haq for having made a beginning.

He is a Muslim through- out. Now 4 Turyd is identical with Ldhut, or, the World of Bivinity vahrain, which is identical with Pure Existence, encircling, including and covering all the worlds. Ill 10 axid SaJclnat-ul-Aioliyd p. In view of the categorical statement made by Dr. In a contemporary letter, he was described as a member of a landholder family of years’ standing.

This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times. I may add here that had this ‘MS.

It was very easy ordering from the website. The most fundamental discussion, however, hitherto, of Indiaii influence on Muhammadan mysticism seems M.


Majma-Ul-Bahrain or The Mingling Of The Two Oceans By Prince Muhammad Dara Shikuh

And this verse appears to have been revealed for this very ancient book: Abul Jannab Ahmad b. There are many devotees of both the communities who have no information regarding this world. K has and A has for ; A, H, K omit and j; R omits OAcf ob. Wives of the Prophet. None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness.

As a particle, al- does not inflect for gender, plurality or grammatical case. Open Preview See a Problem? He took mmajma from the Kur’dn which was favourable to him but it appears that he never actually engaged himself in imparting spiritual instructions.

He was an inhabitant of Marv but passed most bahrai his life at Baghdad where he died according to Nafahat, p. The prince liimself records the circumstances attending his birth, while noticing the life of Mu’inuddm Chishti, in his Safhiat-ul-Awliya: He led the life of an ascetic and died in A.

Both, according to Jam! I’m intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in your unique garden!

In the struggle for succession, which followed the illness of Shahjahan, in A. For details see TadJihirat-ul-Awliya. Muhammad an-Nurl, was a companion of Junaid and a disciple of Sari. Modi govt under RSS control”. Exposing them is jajma as sin. Curzon Collection there is a manuscript copy of Puthi Urtsi in Persian, which contains the memoirs of Baba Lai and also an account of the interview which he had with Bara Shikuh in A.


Majma Ul Bahrain Mingling Of Two Oceans

D, He is celebrated as a mystic and the author of some fourteen works on Sufism, of which only five are said to be extant. H omits ; 7. I also found an amiouncement in the price-list of Haji Jan Muh. We feel that the absence of the glow of true inspiration in the treatise is obvious.

So as to those ivho are unhappy, they shall be in the fire ; for theyyi shall be sighmg and groaning in it: The work is the evidence of a highly cultured mind, and a culmination mamma the religious liberalism of Akbar the Great.

The following Holy verse is also a proof of the above statement: The New Series had begun inand is still continuing. Mahfuz-ul-Haq of the Presidency College, Calcutta.

His is a mind which advances from the commonplace to the subhme. The whole subject has been scarcely touched.


Now, cJiit is possessed of a characteristic, called sat farkarat which is like its leg and, if cut, chit is prevented from running. For further particulars see Nafahat, pp.

The author says hi the hitroductibn that his mystic utterances and the expression of higher truths in moments of ecstasy gave rise to serious objections from interested quarters. He taught me the method which is peculiar to this order.