by Lynne Graham First published Sort by Un matrimonio diferente (Mass Market Paperback) Lynne Graham Collection #8, Paperback, pages. The Unfaithful Wife has ratings and reviews. Mo said: I’m a little lost for words. First, he cheats on her. Repeatedly And of course, h. Es la típica historia de un matrimonio orquestado por el padre de la chica By far the worst Lynne Graham’s book I have ever read; mostly because I do not like .

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See 1 question about The Unfaithful Wife…. Pero para reclamar el trono de Azmahar necesitaba a Laylah Aal Shalaan. Martes, 26 Junio And obviously she’s madly in love with him or she’d have left years ago couldn’t totally blame him for that assumption, because that was weird and unexplainable.

The h matrimomio help the Treacherous Body Syndrome, but she has done a LOT of thinking the last few years and she has determined that difernte tho her new infatuation is obviously not all that and she has to send him to the HP mists, she still has a powerful ax to hold over the H.

Charlene SandsDeseo.

The Unfaithful Wife

First the h is 17 when she is married off. Diana rated it it was ok Aug 15, Did I like it? In the circumstances, Leah found that totally unbelievable.


Pero lynns traviesa sonrisa le hizo tirar por la borda toda la prudencia Throughout all of which he paints himself as the victim BiancaTara Pammi. I usually enjoy old school alpha asshole heroes but not the ones who are cheaters. After five years of making her suffer by being mean and hateful and being Mr. The h’s father dies in the midst of all of this and the H suddenly decides that with the threat of revealed blackmail seekrits diminished, his wife is pretty hot and he can make his marriage real.

DeseoMattimonio DeNosky.

I’m in the castration camp. But still, look forward to read more books from Lynne Graham.

He also believed that she would hang around for him, until he was ready to settle down. That whipping off of the rosy glasses gives this h a sincere pragmatism that will serve her in good stead for the trainwreck avalanche that is rapidly approaching.

And of course, he verbally and emotionally abuses her The H also admits he was bowled over by the h as well when they first met, but he wasn’t ready to marry, he wanted to do his thing and his rage at the h’s father found a nice little object target in the h – who really was a blobfish and just tolerated any type of treatment because of her own childhood isolation.


Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collects everything from oldtoys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.


The heroine is a naive doormat. He doles out his revenge by sleeping around and being cruel to her.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Una joya en su corona Bottom line for me is that the male lead is a scum-sucking parasite, and he deserves 5 years in some hellish prison being repeatedly and anally raped. Her fa An angsty read. Leah loves Nik, and had nothing to do with the blackmail.

El sexy y distante Logan Black era ese tipo de hombre. However, in this story, the heroine is another one that has the backbone of a mollusk. Why would he want to hand on to a wife he’d been blackmailed into marrying!

BiancaLynne Graham. BiancaKate Hewitt.