L & T placement papers – FREE practice questions, aptitude tests FREE L & T Placement Papers / Aptitude Tests Online L&T Aptitude Questions. Where can I get L & T Placement Papers and Aptitude Questions? L&T Construction Interview Pattern – Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, MP 28 Sept. Learn and practice the placement papers of L & T and find out how much you score before you appear for your next interview and written test.

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Either 18th or 19th B. If neither I nor II follows E. Among the following statements which statement must be true? She would like this place, if she were to be here. Nurse Calvin has worked eight night shifts in a row, less than Nurse Kemp. Batch I 11 a.

To steal the show A. Then at what position will Vimla be from the right?

L&T Placement Papers PDF Download 2017-2018 | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers

C and D Answer: Sixth, seventh and eighth words shift one position tewt and the second word becomes the last, i. The railway authorities should immediately send men and equipment to the spot to clear the railway tracks.


If only I follows B. D and N are brothers. The order of the last three speakers was L, O, A. Pass code for batch II starting at 12 noon.

L&T Placement Papers – L&T Placement Questions and Answers

If B is the daughter of N, then M and B are sisters. L spoke sometime before O D. A campaigner is one who supports or advocates something.

In case the second speaker was a captain, the seventh speaker was a first mate. Nothing in the paragraph suggests that it is a crime not to give a Miranda warning, so choice a is incorrect.

For the sake of convenience if we assign numeric value to those words, viz. As many as ten coaches of a passenger train have been derailed and have blocked both pairs of the railway tracks. Among the following which is not an appropriate order of delivered reports?

Today Walkins Tomorrow Walkins. All players are tall A.

Way to his hand the is left right D. If the digits on the dial of a clock are aptityde by alternate English alphabet beginning with D such as D replaces 1, F replaces 2 and so on, then where will be the hour hand at There is only one difference between dream and aim.

Pass code for batch I starting at 11 a. Choose out the odd one.


Placement Papers – L & T

If both I and II follow Answer: Arizona, the court held that before the police can obtain statements from a person subjected to an interrogation, the person must be given a Miranda warning. Retrench is to reduce costs or spending in response to economic difficulty, curtail, reduce or restrict is its synonym.

Sleep for dreams and wakeup for aims.

In each step the fifth, third and first words become the first, second and third respectively. While his mother remembers that Kranthi had certainly visited Pune before 20th February.

Melissa purchases a DVD player with the altitude consumer ratings in its category. M, N, O and P are all different individuals I. Some papayas are apples A.

C Apart from being cured of her illness …. Way to hand his is the left right B. Which situation below is the best example of a Guarantee?

I be you C. O is the grandfather of D.