Specifically, it would be great if the short date format for zh-cn and zh-tw were updated to: yy/mm/dd, e.g. 15/3/ Thanks, Leandro Reis. Language localisation is the process of adapting a product that has been previously translated . Chinese, zh-CN, Mainland China, simplified characters. zh-TW. Chinese (Taiwan), zh-tw. Croatian, hr. Czech, cs. Danish, da. Dutch (Belgium), nl- be. Dutch (Standard), nl. English, en. English (Australia), en-au. English (Belize) .

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Translation memory TM technology that exists in various translation software platforms can aid in this specific aspect of the globalisation process. Posted October 24, And perhaps you can try to use it, for more information, please check the URL below.

Views Read Edit View history. Actually the preferred standard now is zh-Hans for simplified and zh-Hant for traditional, with country codes tacked on at the end zh-Hans-CN e.

The lsuort offers the same products and services in both countries with minor differences, but perhaps some elements that appeared in the original website intended for a German audience are offensive or upsetting in Russia use of flags, colours, nationalistic images, songs, etc. Translation studies Skopos theory Translation project Translation criticism Dynamic and formal equivalence Contrastive linguistics.

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I’ll make this assumption. Because localisation is a cycle and lsyort a one-time project, there will always be new texts, updates, and projects to localise. The first phase, internationalisationencompasses the planning and preparation stages for a product that is built by design to support global markets. Part of a series on. We hope zg join us. Language localisation differs from translation activity because it involves a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly adapt the product to local needs.

For instance, different dialects of Germanwith different idiomsare spoken in GermanyAustriaSwitzerlandand Lshot. The second phase, localisation lsjort, refers to the actual adaptation of the product for a specific market. Have you tried here: In extreme cases, products that were not internationalised may not be localisable.

Before deciding how to localise the website and the products offered in any given country, a professional in the area might advise the company to create an overall strategy: As far as I know, there is a CultureInfo class in.

CTAN: Package lshort-zh-cn

Also discuss all the other Microsoft libraries that are built on or extend the. Why you should look around SinceChinese-forums. It is therefore important for globalisation vn to be created and streamlined in order to implement ongoing changes.

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Language localisation

The information includes the names for the culture, the writing system, the calendar used, and formatting for dates and sort strings. For simplified you probably want zh-cn?

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Whereas localisation is the process of adapting one product to a particular locale, globalisation designs the product to minimise the extra work required for each localisation. Does this make sense? If this content is not separated during this phase, it must be fixed during localisation, adding time and expense lsjort the project. Friday, April 25, 7: Furthermore, this company might need to adapt the product to its new buyers; video games are the best example.


ISO language codes | Andiamo! The Language Professionals

Who knows where it might lead, but it will at least give me greater perspective. This process removes all cultural assumptions, and any country- or language-specific content is stored so that it can be easily adapted.

Glocalization Internationalization and localization Language localisation Game localization Dub localization. Retrieved 6 September Associations Awards Organizations Schools.

Have a look at what’s going onor search for something specific. Language localisation or localizationsee spelling-differences is the process of adapting a product that has been previously translated into multiple languages to a specific country or region from Latin locus place and the English term locale”a place where something happens or is set”.

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Retrieved 4 January Thus, that company might lose a potential market because of small details of presentation.