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I mean, how awkward was that?? I felt like a lot of time went by setting up the story and I would maybe have liked to get to know Eli and Joshua actually together in their relationship for longer than we got, but they have a crazy amount of chemistry that came through for me, and the dynamic works well for them and roawn hand in hand with the setting really well. I don’t know speedwfll maybe this is common dialect in this area of the country where the book is set but it did distract me a bit each time I heard it.

Tucker is a powerful influence on both men, as is Serafina speedwelp serves as a mother to them. I’ve been waiting so long for another Rowan Speedwell spredwell that I snatched this one up for review without even reading the blurb! Love, like water satisfied everything i love in a good book Open Preview See a Problem? And the constant ‘Jesus Christ’ ‘Jesus H. Josh and Eli were HOT! But I felt their relationship was not established enough for something that big to happen yet.


The pronunciation of “Rodeo” was odd, as if saying “Rodeo Drive” in Hollywood rather than the “Rodeo” cowboys participate in.

Thankfully, the sexy stranger sitting next to me is more than willing to share a few kisses in the name of revenge. Internal Affairs needs proof, and Darren gets to be their eyes and ears whether he wants to or not. Of course, there was drama involved, which is almost a given with Josh’s background, roaan it felt pretty understated to me. Even with therapy, Josh is having trouble moving past his life in the gang. But when a phone call from an attorney back home informs me that my sister passed away, leaving me custody of her newborn baby, Spewdwell shocked out of the steady life I’ve built for myself running a tattoo shop in San Francisco.

One of the best stories I have read in a long time She is good at pretending, though. I may have been more hesitant at choosing this if I had snuck a peak first since I’m not usually a huge fan of cowboy stories The secondary characters were all well written and I did feel all the emotions the MC’s were being put through.

So I knew going into this book from the blurb and from loving that book that this would sppeedwell likely be an intense read. Admittedly, cowboys are not my thing and neither are guys in the closet. Lovely, patient,gentle Eli, with his quiet aura and caring nature.

He was undercover for three years. He was clueless most of the time. Trevor takes one look at Matt and breaks all his own rules about mixing business with pleasure.

Review: Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell | Joyfully Jay

Josh never – not once – took accountability for any of his decisions regardless of who he hurt or negatively impacted. From the poetic way she writes that still manages not to be too flowery, still masculine in voice to the way you just care for the characters.

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Review: Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell

I know I probably sound a little lame, but that’s the only word I can articulate right now. I am still struggling to put my finger on where things fell apart for me, because it began with such great potential.

He sees past the junkie, past the scars, and the shell of the man that came to ranch and yearns to restore and protect the man inside.

Second, despite the fact that I think these guys needed a slow build, I think the book could have been wqter up through the middle, just to keep things moving along with a bit more energy at times. Oh, and I loved the supporting characters Uncle Tucker and Sarafina.

Enter the Triple C ranch, owned by his Uncle Tuck and a place, apparently, far enough removed that Joshua would not be found by this drug cartel. The writing was clear and crisp; and, there weren’t any glaring editing errors.