Libretto by Michel Carré and Jules Barbier after The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Massenet gives us a Manon that is frivolous, impetuous and. Manon: Libretto [Jules Massenet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). French/English. di H. Meilhac e F. Gillé ; musica di G. Massenet. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Half-title–p. 1; legal notice–verso of title page; “Milano .

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He draws me to him, My arms to him outstretched! Return her to me! Qu’il va vous couper les oreilles! Introduction When it comes to opera, the French have tended to be conservative and insular. Lescaut returns and librwtto the girl against promiscuous acquaintances and bids her not libreto stir from the spot until he comes back from keeping an appointment with two of his friends. Mais, pardon, Elle veut vous parler I tremble, though I know not why.

Quelle route as-tu done suivie?

It seems as if my life Were ending or commencing! What do I care? Elles ne bougent pas! Est-ce la ce qui m’etait du? But, tell me, my dear fellow, I hear That when Manon asked you, Even with tears, to take her to the Opera, You refused?


Manon | Libretto | English Translation |

How small the place When one sits close together! Are you tired Seeing us on foot, Captain, there!

J’ai remarque que rhomme est tre? The sea in the distance.

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The bell sounds again. When one goes traveling, ‘Twould be wise, I swear To draw up one’s will! Did he paint in his thesis, etc. Are all my fond hopes vain!

Now they will serve us! I see him smile, And my heart is not deceived! J’entends cette voix qui m’entraine Centre ma volonte: The bird that escapes what it thinks is servitude, very often comes back in the night in a desperate flight, to beat against the glass! I cannot understand How, and by what folly I could have caused you pain For a single day!

Nous reparlerons du passe At left, an arbor, in front of which are a well and a stone bench; behind the arbor, farther up stage and a little in advance of the amssenet, the entrance to the inn.

They hear laughter coming from the summerhouse. Des Grieux promises Manon that he will be able to rescue her, but she is seriously ill and cannot escape with him.

Massenet, Jules – Manon (Libretto) Opera

On me met au couvent Did you ever see such luck? He’s by the King ill-paid ; and then, whatever his worth, the good folks shake their heads and call him “wretched fellow. Vanish, sweet memory, too dear to my heart. I’ll see But, here, let’s think of Chevalier Des Grieux! In this place of coin bereft, the purse is filed by maassenet play. Cest la fin du jour. Two young clerks, who seem to be looking for someone in the crowd, see the girls, and on a sign from them, run to meet them.


Through my tears behold them!

Des Grieux and Lescaut try to assault the police and rescue Mankn, but Des Grieux learns that she is ill. Who knocks thus at the door? Is this no longer my hand pressing yours? Her whom I love. Je regardais fuir, curieuse, Les arbres frissonnant au vent! Beyond these plains We shall go.