“Leiningen Versus the Ants” is a gripping tale of Man versus Nature. As a virtual plague of voracious, thinking creatures marches toward the expansive coffee. Leiningen Versus the Ants has ratings and 26 reviews. Gbolahan said: Read this some 25 years ago. Can’t remember where (a collection of short stories. Leiningen Versus the Ants, a Short Story by Carl Stephenson.

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The red and blue, dark-edged flames leaped vividly now, celebrating what?

Leiningen Versus the Ants

Yet the perseverance of the ants was by no means broken; indeed, each setback seemed only to whet it. He has built his farm up through hard work and ingenuity.

Leiningen struggles to his feet and returns to safety. The momentum of the attack was so great that neither the tardy flow of the stream nor its downward pull could exert its proper force; and into the gap left by every submerging insect, hastened forward a dozen more.

But the reported enemy was by no means unfamiliar to the planter. For as long as there was the slightest chance of success, he had stood his ground, and now any further resistance was both useless and dangerous. This “short story” is so boringit gives me massive headaches! That they would get to him soon, despite the salve on his boots, the petrol in his clothes, he realized only too well, but he knew even more surely that he must, and that he would, get to the weir.

Some parts were interesting, others just sucked. They applauded, yelled and stamped, like children at a pantomime. He had no intention of waiting till the news reached their ears from other sources. Was there an Indian daring enough after that to run the gauntlet five times as far? With a hysterical shout of joy, the peons feverishly intensified their bombardment of earth clods and sand. Stock footage from The Naked Jungle was used in the episode.


Leiingen plantation workers are frightened, Leiningen offers them full pay and allows them to leave. All the troops so far hurled into the ditch had been sacrificed in vain. Versks 03, Tannishtha Som rated it really liked it. Create a library and add your favorite stories. The biggest danger now, he decided, was the point where the western section of the ditch curved southwards.

Leiningen, at the moment he made that leap through the flames, lost consciousness for the first time in his life. There’s still a chance to save our lives–by flooding the plantation from the river.

The Lyons Press, pp.

Leiningen Versus the Ants

I read the story, not the radio script, of course, in some anthology for high school sophomore English. The planter ordered the man at the wheel first to lower the water in the ditch almost to vanishing point, next to wait a moment, then suddenly to let the river in again. As the numbers both of his men and his petrol sprinklers were severely limited, this rapid extension of the line of battle was becoming an overwhelming danger.

Such, at least, was Leiningen’s opinion. I’ll find the story online one of these days and read it again. The ants were building their bridges. He recalls witnessing the ants once pick a downed stag clean to the “white bones” and he resolves not to die that way.


At the end of the story he is recovering and states, “I told you I would come back, even if I am a bit streamlined. It could not be long now before a stretch of water a mile in length was decked by verssus green pontoon over which the ants could rush in millions.

Leiningen Versus the Ants by Carl Stephenson

Soon the trees, shrubs and beds for miles around were hulled with ants zealously gobbling the yield of long weary months of strenuous toil. Well, I’m not going to let you try it; if I did I’d be worse than one of those ants.

A second peon was dispatched to the outhouses thd bring spades and petrol sprinklers. Not by a long shot; they were all the more eager now on a rich and certain booty–four hundred men, numerous horses, and ldiningen granaries.

In the excitement of the fight the greater part of the day had passed without the men once pausing to snatch a bite. Perhaps the failure to find a way over the ditch was persuading the ants to withdraw from the plantation in search of spoils more easily attainable. So its waters would not only be forced to inundate into the plantation, they would also be held there by the breakwater until they rose to its own high level.

Read this some 25 years ago. So they squatted listlessly along the bank vversus the ditch and waited for a sign from the boss.