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Leaf apex acuminate Fig. Cremastosperma osicola is known from a small number of esatdual within a region sufficiently small to qualify it as Endangered, but within a protected area Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. Revision of the Neotropical genus Guatteria Annonaceae. Illustrations of diagnostic characters used in the identification key to species of Cremastospermaby Hendrik Rypkema, adapted from Pirie et al.

Leaf lamina not, or rarely slightly, bullate, sparsely to densely covered with hairs up to 0. Where measurements are derived from material preserved in alcohol and dimensions therefore often greater, as the structures are not subject to water lossthese are indicated between square brackets.

The rarefaction curves both interior and buffer zone did not reach asymptotes. From the limited floral material available, bud development in C. Ocelots were registered at 26 sites in total, half in the interior and half in the buffer zone.

Plastid markers provided few informative characters at this low taxonomic level and Sanger sequencing approaches are probably not a realistic strategy for deriving fully resolved phylogenies of clades of closely related estwdual in Malmeoideaewhich is characterised by low rates of molecular evolution Richardson et al. At elevations of 50— m. Mostly in primary wet or moist forest, also in mildly disturbed areas, often on slopes estaduao terraces, 52600 sandstone soils. The flowers of C. Figs 12135206 5.


The replacement of native vegetation by agriculture, pastures and urban areas is a top concern in the Neotropics, where deforestation rates are high Schipper et al. Cremastosperma awaense Pirie, Blumea Received Mar 8; Accepted Oct Inflorescence of single flowers clustered in groups of up to three, on leafy or leafless twigs occasionally on main stem, estadua on brachyblasts ; peduncles ca. Similarly, the generalist puma and maned wolf have been recorded outside of Emas National Park, another large Cerrado protected area Silveira ; Vynne et al.

It differs in the shape of the leaf base cordate or subcordate as opposed to acute in C. The monocarps of C. Monocarps 20—35, ellipsoid, asymmetrical, 17—20 by 12—13 mm, black in siccowith a strongly excentric apicule; stipes 15—22 by 1. Oei species from the tropics and miscellaneous notes. Mishuyacu, near Iquitos, m a. Monocarps drying blackish, the stipes thickening somewhat where they meet the monocarps — Bolivia.

Inflorescences of single flowers solitary or clustered in groups of 2 or moreproduced from leafy twigs or leafless branches; peduncles of two internodes, the second 1. Effects of hunting in habitat fragments of the Atlantic forest, Brazil. Our mapping showed that the whole study area From the limited material available, the flower buds appear to be loosely, rather than widely open.

Monocarps 10—22, green maturing through red to black in vivoetadual in siccoellipsoid, slightly asymmetrical, 12—14 by 7—8 mm, with an excentric apicule; stipes green maturing to red in vivo11—12 by ca. Tree 3—7 m tall; young twigs glabrous.

Kew Bulletin 73 3: Systematic Estxdual 17 1: XML Treatment for Cremastosperma microcarpum. Summary phylogeny of Malmeeae, adapted from Chatrou et al. Pedicels in flower 10—14 mm long, sepals 3—4 mm long — N Peru. Monocarp shape h narrowly ellipsoid, symmetrical i globose, symmetrical j strongly asymmetrical. LC Cremastosperma pendulum 22 18 16 11 7 52 Peru: During the setup and removal periods, we actively searched for mammal tracks, walking m in unpaved roads existing nearest to each camera trap station, totalling 21 km of sampling throughout the entire study.


lei estadual 5260 de 2008 pdf file

Cremastosperma alticola differs in the much shorter stipes and larger monocarps. Across the Neotropics, a similarly high degree of Cremastosperma species endemism is apparent: A set consisting of candidate models was constructed from all possible additive combinations of up to two covariates for detection parameter p. Monocarps drying light to dark brown or blackish, the stipes not markedly thickening where estaudal meet the monocarps.

MDP f, g C. The Osa Peninsula is an important refuge for species with distributions limited to Costa Rica and surrounding regions of Central America Cornejo et al.

Unidade de Saúde de Santanésia é entregue à população

We present a taxonomic revision of Cremastospermaa genus of Neotropical Annonaceae occurring in lowland to premontane wet forest, mostly in areas surrounding the Andean mountain chain. Acta Horti Bergiani The flowers and fruits of most species of Cremastosperma are borne on pedicels less than 50 mm long, with rare exceptions such as C.

Flowering Plants of the Neotropics. Flowers and fruits covered with appressed hairs — Pacific coast of Colombia and Ecuador. RIMA Editora, pp. February through August, November and December. Thus, the establishment of buffer zones around them are important management strategies for adequately achieving the objectives esgadual a PA, as well as to mitigate isolation problems Morsello