1 Digitized by Google Original from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 2 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE IN WORLD WAR who wrote in French on certain aspects of. Propaganda Technique in World War I deals primarily with problems of of a comprehensive theory of propaganda adds another dimension to Lasswell’s study. , , English, Book edition: Propaganda technique in the World War / by Harold D. Lasswell. With a new introd. for the Garland ed. by Harold D. Lasswell.

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Propaganda technique in World War I / [by] Harold D. Lasswell – Details – Trove

This story had done excellent duty in the Franco- Prussian War, over forty years before. It is not necessary that the heads of the propaganda services should formally occupy ministerial or cabinet posts, but they should have ministerial or cabinet influence, in fact.

The favourable report on the milk question was drawn up by a Dr. Ludendorff granted worlx interview to the Berlin Press in which these views were put before the people.

After a hearing, which consumed three days, the Committee endorsed an appropriation for a million and a quarter wae, and commended the past record of the bureau. This section of opinion in Ger- many gorged itself upon visions of a humiliated Britaini shorn of her fleet, and upon dreams of a partitioned France I and Russia.

I believe in our great past, in our great present, and in our greater future. If its independence is supposed to have been sacrificed by the acceptance of Ministerial obligations, ij the Press loses its freedom, and with its freedom loses its authority. Civilian unity is not achieved by the regimentation of ; muscles. It Xfiters solely to the control of opinion b v significant symbolsor, to speak more concretely and less accurately, by stories, rumours, reports, pictures and other forms of social com- munication.

The French had a perfect right to shoot them! It has been employed with unvarying success in every conflict known to man. Creel was led to remark, The heavens may fall, the earth may ni consumed, but! Any scheme of unity runs the risk of antagonizing the amour propre of some service and of ruining moral. She tried to manoeuvre France into the position of an aggressor in the eyes of England, by asking France to denounce the Alliance with Russia, or to declare her willingness to fight with Russia.


These infamous hordes must be thrust back within their own frontiers. The problem of maintaining moral is only in part a problem of propaganda, because propaganda is but one of the many devices which must be relied upon.

Propaganda Technique In The World War

The British Government had joined others in making contradictory promises to the Italians, and to the Worod Slavs, and it was high time for the obscurity to be dispelled. Terrify ; and in order to terrify, destroy. Raise the devil about those nurses the French shot the other day.

It must contain more gossip, and you must pass more lightly from point to point. One of the travellers enters a small village general store, and proceeds to show to the shopkeeper a pan. Propaganda Direct use of suggestion. As long as you have the owner of a newspaper as a member of your Administration, you will be held respon- sible for what he writes in the newspapers. The general scheme of organization is indicated in the Table lasswel Contents: Yet another question of propaganda organization is the problem of co-ordinating the efforts of central and local branches of the service.

There is no news for which a way cannot be guaranteed through the whole country, if clothed in a sentimental form. Their business is to discover and report, not tue philosophize and reform. To them, wr in German was a profanation, and the ” Ring ‘ ‘ was pronounced with the accent of Belgravia or not at all.

The whole empire is a great trading enterprise and the empire’s wars are wars of pecuniary calculation. The Germans were aghast at the efficiency of Allied propaganda and they undertook to steel their people against worlf by protesting loudly against the official French and British Press and Im services. Those who were arguing for British participation in the War, on grounds of national self-interest vide The Times chucked this article of faith out of the window, and transformed the War into a holy crusade for the Law of Nations propwganda the news came that the Germans were marching into Belgium.


The primitive man, overtaken by catastrophe, hunts high and low for a scapegoat and a messiah. There are some, who do not hesitate to indict a whole civilization at a single gesture, and these mentalities may be relied upon to furnish sys- tematic treatises upon such subjects as Civilises contre Allemands.

Also the Imprisonment of Civilians. There was no one to call attention to the recommendations of the Engineer, a reputable British technical periodical, in its issue for September 25th,to the effect that the army thf to break up the equipment and to raze the factory of every German industry which the fortunes of war might bring into their hands.

There are propagandas on behalf of political personalities, for it is important to procure a favourable reception for every ambassador at a new post.

Colonel Bryan, who assists in American propaganda, is director of six companies, mainly interested in ships and ship-building.

Sometimes this disagreement is sharp and emphatic, because it comes from people who have tried to use existing notions about public opinion in their efforts to control it.