***SOLVED*** This is probably a very basic and stupid question. I have an image that I want to open another window(tab) when clicking on it. free, third party, open-source. ยท Accordion Menu Plugin This xml-only plugin provides an easy and simple way for adding a accordion menu. Open Plugin panel and click ” Save”. When Explorer window open, specify path to save “add_hotspot/” When you re-open tour plugin panel will .

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Oepn value range is from 0. To apply the settings, just reload the settings page. Clicking on the created hotspots will open selected photo.

Arrows Plugin Inspired by a streetview. It’s possible to develop own plugins – see here. After this has completed, close the terminal window and in the folder where your original image set is you will find a new set of files and folders. Download kdpano prime the software. The value of “prop” is proportional.

KRPano Tutorial: How to Create a Panorama or Virtual Tour with krpano

Insert a patch from PTGui. An example of creating a text hotspot. If necessary, change the viewing angle-select the hot spot and click on the button “Save curent fov”” Enter in line “URL 3D tour” address of the virtual tour. Example of creating a video hot spot.

In this case, hotspot is a reference point of the created view and it becomes invisible when edit mode is disabled or panel is minimized. Google Maps Distance Plugin The plugin is calculating the distance between 2 google map spots. More information about purpose kprano attributes of hotspot can be obtained on website krpano Press on ” Onclick direct input “, indicator changes color to green.


Pressing “Backspace” button clears the digital value of the attribute on button. This limitation will apply notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy provided herein. You will receive plug-in updates for free! Its VR capabilities krppano also impressive, with presets for viewing your work in various head-mounted displays and the ability to create your own presets.

There are settings for everything and adding custom settings or behaviors is possible too. Drag all – Lock-unlock button to move all created hotspots. Test the plug-in by this link. Autolevels Plugin A plugin that dynamically applies an autolevels effect to the krpano view. To complete the tutorial you will require a set of images from a location with which you wish to create a virtual tour. Click on ‘Edit locations Create a list of url links to specific places in a tour with a given viewing angle.

During audio playback, the sound control panel appears in lower right corner. For another hot spot, set your own settings. To make KRPano start krpanno your panoramasimply drag your image s onto the desired droplet option:. Activate tab by pressing Play sound.

– Documentation – Using krpano locally / offline

Both viewers have and krpabo the same interfaces for controlling the panos and the layout. Select image – Clicking on the krpaho or icon will open a file Explorer window to select the hotspots image. Select created earlier image by clicking on icon “Select image” and create a hotspot by tapping “Add hotspot”. Assign hotspots to open URL links. See here for the all available krpano Plugins. If image is large, create a smaller copy for mobile version, click on mobile image: OrangeThumbs XML only plugin, automatically generate scene thumbnails.

Plugins for the krpano Panorama Viewer

Clicking on the krpani hot spot will open selected video file. Later in this tab you will enter caption text of photo and set scale of opened photo.


Place, for example, a test tour on the Customer’s server.

You will receive plug-in updates for free! The trial version adds watermarks to your images but aside from that, it includes all the features and abilities of the registered version so that you can try it out fully and decide if it is something you wish to purchase.

Plugin is provided “As Is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Text Table Plugin This plugin allows you to create a text table with customizable rows, columns, text entries, fonts, colours etc. The technical name for popcorn planet is stereographic fisheye projection. Parameters that have two states on or off switch by clicking on button. Clicking on the name in the list takes a look at this hot spot and activates it.

For convenience, panel moves with mouse. All Windows with digital values allow you to enter parameters from the keyboard, insert, copy. They can either run as interactive, graphical layer or hotspot element in the viewer or extend the viewer with additional functionality. Pressing “Backspace” button clears the digital value of the attribute on button.

It is necessary to check up efficiency of the link created by you on a server of the Customer. This tab allows you to create and edit text hotspots.