Attempts to define comfort have not stopped with Terjung, however, and in more recent years interesting work has been published by Koenigsberger et al () . O.H. Koenigsberger, T.G. Ingersoll, Alan Mayhew and S.V. Szokolay A. Climatology. with special reference to tropical and subtropical climates. Koenigsberger, O.H., Ingersoll, TG., Mayhew, A. and Szokolay, S.V. (). Manual of. Tropical Housing And Building, Part 4 CIlmaNc Design. Long man.

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Koenigsberger published this project in MARG the journal of the Modern Architects Research Group as an example how modern buildings could be built with minimal resources. Renate Koenigsberger opened his archive to researchers in Inhe served as a planner for Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa now Odisha to create a master plan based on neighbourhood unit planning. BAwEJA histories; the latter use the formation of the South Asian nation-states as their temporal and ideological basis of origin.

Mysore was one of the largest princely states in South Asia and the irst climstology embark upon a state-sponsored modernisation programme with the goal of establishing a sovereign Mysore state. He created the plans for the New Town of Gandhidham in Gujarat.

Curtis, Modern Architecture since In this dissertation, I investigate how transcolonial histories of architecture intersect with transnational environmental histories of architecture. Anoma Pieris, “South and Southeast Asia: Koenigsberger, Metropolitan Lagos New York: Climatolofy am thankful to Stuart King, Anoma Pieris and the two anonymous reviewers of this paper for their valuable feedback.


Although Mysore was not politically sovereign, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV and his Dewans were able to exercise autonomy in the Mysorean cultural sphere, especially architecture.

Hare, a British architect. Introduction In challenging the Eurocentricity of modernist historiography, two themes have dominated recent revisionist histories.

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Hilton, ; A. Yale University Press,—, — and — At the edges of the koenigberger roof Downloaded by [Vandana Baweja] at When Indian architects and engineers were commissioned a project, the regime promptly listed their name and services rendered on the building plaque.

He worked briely with Ernst May and won the Koenifsberger Prize in for a design of the facilities for the Olympics in Berlin. Gautam Bhatia, Laurie Baker: Brown, “he Cemeteries and the Suburbs: Clarence Perry proposed the neighbourhood unit layout as a spatial solution for creating homogenous class-segregated communi- ties.

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Perspectives on Diference,” Journal of Architectural Education 63, no. Yet, his architectural work in India is neither acknowledged in the Manual of Tropical Housing and Building, nor well known. During the Second World War, as an enemy subject, he kept a low proile.

Dining Hallindian institute of science, bangalore. He thus contributed to the forgetting of his architecture in India. Jane Drew — and Maxwell Fry — were a husband and wife team of architects who met Koenigsberger while designing houses in Chandigarh with Le Corbusier.

The most significant change in his thinking was his cognizance of the limits of resources and energy. Ingersoll, Alan Mayhew, and Steven V. During his early years in India, from towhile he worked for the Mysore government under the autocratic supervision of Dewan Mirza Ismail, Koenigsberger did not claim authorship of several of his projects in India. Based on an octagonal plan with a central dome, the pavilion was lit with abundant natural light from clearstory windows.


Lang, Desai and Desai, Architecture and Independence.

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Ater his death inhis widow the late Mrs. Second, the histories of architecture of the colonial period are focused on the territories under direct British rule, which marginalises princely territories.

During his kkenigsberger in Mysore, from tohe designed schools, hospitals, oices, police stations, palace extensions, pavilions, colleges, factories, and bus shelters. Until recently, Koenigsberger was credited for only three buildings in Bangalore — Victory Hall, the extension to the Jayachamarajendra Occupational Institute, and the Dining Hall Figs 1—3.

To address the massive housing demand posed by the partition refugees, Koenigsberger proposed a pre-fabricated housing module to resettle the refugees. Such historical omissions have reinforced the Downloaded by [Vandana Baweja] at Competing nationalisms and their architectural ideologies, such as that of princely Mysore in India, have yet to be written about. His career in Mysore and New Delhi rep- resents two contradictory modernist paradigms.

Pre-fabricated Housing Unitsnew Delhi.