The magnificent second novel from the legendary author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Following the astonishing success of his first novel, One. Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey. Andrew Imbrie Dayton; May 1, This monthly feature invites readers to (re)discover a work that’s so rich and. “Sometimes a Great Notion” () has always played a second novel fiddle to ” One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (), especially after the.

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As it would anyone. Burroughs Naked Lunch, Kesey took peyote. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This book is heartbreaking, engrossing and very underrated. He decides to travel back to his roots in the Oregon timberlands to help notiob the logging business and to gain revenge against Hank. Because Norion will tell you right now, this book made me cry.

While reading this book for pleasure, I am also proofing an erotic vampire romance novel for work I wish that was a lie. An underread novel by an acknowledged American master of letters with a core of fans who consider it one of the best novels of the last century.

A Union man is called to town Mr Dreager to try and solve the dispute, the Stampers play dirty and won’t budge. Viv feels trapped and her love for her husband, Hank, wanes as she comes to understand her place in the household. Which remains unresolved, as in all great novels.

This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Among political novels set in Washington, D.



The novel teaches that a person should have the right to try to be as big as he believes it is in him to be. Part of the problem may have been Kesey himself. I read it in high school, and wasn’t as impressed as I’d hoped.

I cannot remember the last time I was so thoroughly knocked out by a novel. It made me remember that one of the things we’ve lost in our pomo irony age is the serious emotional connection that it is possible to make with earnest, deep characters.

Into his world enters the petty criminal and prankster Randall Patrick McMurphy with his efforts to change the bureaucratic system of the institution, ruled by Nurse Ratched. Overcome by the potential of the Oregon climate and wilderness to overpower and destroy men, the intimidated Jonas leaves his family and goes back to Kansas.

And so smetimes engages the reader on a personal level, lures us into the complex sommetimes with its relaxed, self assured style.

Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey | : Books

On the fucking subway. Gale Cengage eNotes. By this time, Henry and Joe Ben have been killed, the mill has been partly burned down, and the boathouse has been dynamited into the river.

The logging industry, botion dangerous as ever, also faced challenges in unions and strikes. Lee, having been on the East coast since the age of twelve, returns to the family home in Wakonda as a young man bent on settling a score.

I think it should be up there with “Moby Dick” “Grapes of Wrath” etc. It kinda got me, you know? That doesn’t diminish the straightforward message of this movie.

He also returns to a dying father and a union squabble between the town of Wakonda and the Stamper philosophy from time immemorial: This relationship with the brother is the main story, about East meets West ideologies, and of course inherent family issues. A bitter strike is raging in a small lumber town along the Oregon coast.


Sometimes a Great Notion is Ken Kesey ‘s second novel, someties in It wouldn’t have caught my attention either. He uses parenthetical or italicized text to give a character’s thoughts on whatever is going on.

Sometimes a Great Notion

It starred Paul Newman and Henry Fonda, and like the book it is not nearly as popular as the film version of “Cuckoo’s Nest” mentioned above.

The setting is integral to the novel as the characters are controlled and influenced by the weather as if they were puppets. Kesey spent his early years hunting, fishing, swimming; he learned to box and wrestle, and he was a star football player. Bucking that strike out of sheer cussedness are the Stampers: In the end, though, they will both discover who they are and what they need to do to honor it. It’s a bit unsatisfying, the ending, but it has occupied my mind from the second I turned the last page.

Because of his lack of knowledge of the business he feels out of place and distant from his family.