NXR Over-the-Air Alias. • KXK-3 OCXO Option * E type only. NXR/ NEXEDGE® VHF/UHF Digital & FM Base Units. Kenwood is a leading manufacturers of walkie talkies, NEXEDGE, PMR and Ham Radios. We cover all major technologies and protocols: dPMR, DMR. Kenwood NXR / NXR is a digital repeater from Kenwood. This repeater offers Kenwood NXR – / also features 3 W External Speaker Audio.

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Other benefits of the technology can be found on the attached information sheet. Fan can be mounted above panel or below; requires 2 RU clearance inside cabinet if mounted below panel default position is below panel. Get the latest news, product info and promotions from Twowayaccessories. Only one KXK-3M required per site kewnood 6.

Locking cabinet, providing 40 RU vertical mounting, solid front door, louvered rear door. Keep up to date with the latest products and information Join our mailing list Join our mailing list. Amplifier occupies 4 RU and includes a 40A, Amplifier choices include 40W, W or W options. Adobe PDF Document One switch is required for each site; VPN router s may be required for multi-site systems depending on desired configuration. Orders placed before 4pm Monday to Friday will be dispatched the same day with an email notification sent upon your order exiting our warehouse.

Routers are optional for a single-site system but required for multi-site systems. Item is an option and cannot be sold separately. Keep up to date with the latest products and information Join our mailing list. For use with voting systems, supplies Ohm balanced 2-wire audio, occupies 1 RU.


This system manager software permits a system administrator to change critical features and permissions. Modem bps to be used with LTR controllers, includes interface cable. Required trunking options include enabling of the NXR trunking feature, plus system management software that includes a master USB key and activation file, which hold a license ID unique to each system.

Duplexers are fully integrated and tested during system staging. Replaces standard perforated top panel. Each trunking system requires an Ethernet switch at each site. There are no reviews for this item yet. Standard aluminum equipment rack providing 45 RU vertical mounting.

NXRE VHF Digital/Analogue Repeater/Base Station • Kenwood Comms

Patent and other rights reserved. Modem bps, extra stability in high RF environments, includes interface cable.

We do not sell or trade contact information to anyone for any reason To learn more please read our Privacy Policy. Please select a Freq.

Includes 1 station voter module for primary site an additional station module is required for each additional voted receiver siteoccupies 3 RU. Amplifier occupies 8 RU and includes a 70A, The major benefit of the digital technology is that it allows companies to gradually migrate their communications system as it is compatible with analogue radios. Complete the form below and we will notify you when this product is back in stock!

Will power up to 2 channels. Locking cabinet, 42″H x 22″W x 24″D, providing 20 RU vertical mounting, solid front door, louvered rear door, perforated top panel. KENWOOD is deploying digital radio communications systems with high reliability and functionality, which were developed by leveraging its long-standing technologies and know-how in communications and audio around the world.

System manager This software enables USB secure key, activity monitoring, remote firmware and many more features. Includes equipment installation, hardware, cabling and wire management materials, and cushioned shipping crate. If you require a trunking or mult-site network software kenwooe, please contact us for more information. Programmable keys Users can assign 6 programmable keys to key functions. High performance 4 and 6 cavity BpBr duplexers are also listed, while multi-channel combining nxrr-700 are quoted on an individual system basis.


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View Full Size Image. Includes factory tuning, wiring and RF cables. Only required when used as a trunking system. Fill out the form below to tell them about it! Customer Review There are no reviews for this item yet. One required for each of the first five sites to be networked; sites 6 through 16 are available at no additional charge.

NXR-700 Series Base Station

KENWOOD land mobile portables, mobiles and custom systems are acknowledged to be a top choice in the world market, particularly by first responders, and are a trusted supplier to business and industry.

Professional two-way radio solution is designed to meet the highest demand of today’s communications environment and to kdnwood users with innovative features to transform their operation. Custom configurations are also available. Knewood aluminum equipment rack providing 17 RU vertical mounting.

Cabinet upgrade to solid top panel with 10″ diameter VAC fan, replaces standard perforated top panel. Kenwood provides complete turnkey system solutions for the utility, public safety, government, education, healthcare, and business and industrial markets.