Donnellan: “Reference and Definite Descriptions”. TWO USES OF . sentence “ Keith asserted that Smith’s murderer is insane.” To capture the. Keith Donnellan, “Reference and Definite Descriptions”. Due Feb 13, by 10am; Points 5; Submitting a discussion post; Available after Feb 2, at 12am. Keith Donnellan, Joseph Almog, and Paolo Leonardi function is the referential use of definite description, in which the speaker uses it to refer to something.

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We typically believe that Anna Karenina was written by Tolstoy, who was not and is not the king of France, but do we really have a belief in which the king of France was not a bald Nazi?

Does this whole debate come down to a case of intuition donndllan Russell saw that scope relations are relevant here. But is this analysis right?

It would not be fruitful to suggest that definite determiners descriptionss play the role of definie assignment, and they most definire cannot be cashed out as exclusively assigning genitive case. Indeed, as languages evolve, their robust inflectional system gives way to structure dependent language Leiss In this vein, one widely held view, due to Kamp and Heimis that we could regard indefinite descriptions as expressions containing free variables which are bound by adverbs of quantification in the sense of Lewis interpreted as existentially quantified by the model theory, or perhaps bound by implicit existential closure operators Diesing At best the Russellian can argue that others are in the same boat here.


We can say that this is a case where what we literally said was false, but that what we intended to communicate—the proposition meant—was true.

The problem is that the Fodor and Sag arguments do not address the pragmatic account of referential uses, which of course was the alternative advanced by Kripke. Consider a case in which, say, “the morning star” is used referentially.

Not everyone has seen DRT theory and choice functions in this light. In section 7 we will return to the question of whether the maximality claim should be part of the analysis or whether it represents a weakness in the analysis.

Heim observed that 20 unlike 19 implies that a unique man entered the room and that 20 will therefore be false if two men desscriptions the room.

Keith S. Donnellan – Reference and Definite Descriptions ()

That is to say, there are referential and quantificational uses of indefinite descriptions and these are a reflex of a genuine semantical ambiguity. Here is the idea: This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat In other words, a basic working hypothesis of acquisition theory is preserved if we reject the Russellian story about the distinction between definite and indefinite determiners.

According to Ludlow and Neale, it is implausible to think cefinite all of these uses can be chalked up to semantic facts. Reference and Generality, Ithaca: Of course it is possible to ask what it means to assert an open sentence, but notice that again we are converging on a view in which the determiners fall out, leaving behind a free variable. The first function is the referential use of definite description, in which the speaker uses it to refer to something.



Speech ActsNew York: I take the man to be Jones but it is actually Johnson. On the standard Russellian analysis, we get something like a claim that John wants that there be a unique ghost in his attic and that it stop making so much noise.

Classical, Early, and Medieval Plays and Playwrights: See Everett and Hofweber and French and Wettstein for papers on these general issues, and see Zalta refreence, for a robust defense of the nonexistent object strategy. There is a dilemma then: Classical, Early, and Medieval Definie and Writers: Aristotle might have had none of the properties that we ordinarily associate with his name.

Consider 19for example, and a paraphrase 20 in which the pronoun is rendered as a description. Keith Donnellan, “Reference and Definite Descriptions”.

Reference and Definite Descriptions – Oxford Scholarship

Donnellann Publications, 99— To the contrary, he literally expresses the proposition that there is at least one murderer of Smith who is insane.

If there is a subsituation s1 with only one bishop and a subsituation s2 with one different bishop, there could be a containing situation s0 in which the bishops from those subsituations bless each other see Kroll and Elbournefor further discussion.

But if we treat anaphors as standing proxy for descriptions, the back door is blocked as well. Linguistic, cognitive, and computational perspectivesCambridge: But now consider this sentence with the description unpacked.

New York, New York.