The kawai q80 has an average rating of out of 5.(The kawai q80 has a total of 35 reviews). The seller I got the GOTEK from lists the KAWAI Q80 as a FYI: The Q80 is rapidly becoming my favorite all time hardware sequencer. Find great deals for Kawai Q Digital Midi Sequencer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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What’s the difference between Bar Edit and Event Edit? The Qq80 were in pristine condition and everything worked just great. Extensive and complete editing, real-time and step recording and quantizing with up to 10 songs. Dave Bertovic investigates the hardware alternative.

You are also able to transpose a bar, group of bars or entire Track or Motif, “Move” or shift the timing of the notes for an entire Track forward or backward by any number of clocks resolution on the Kawxi is 96 ppqn, giving clocks per barand quantise editing see Quantising described below.

As an example, the Q80 will correct for note timing at the moment the key is pressed: Review by Dave Bertovic.

Kawai Q80 (MT Nov 88)

Each of these ten files consists of 16 tracks and a whopping SysEx messages. Here’s how it works: The Motif function is especially mysterious until you actually start using it, and learn by trial-and-error. But that’s not all the editing you’re able to perform, because in Step Recording you are given the ability to perform many of the above functions in addition to others not found in Song Edit or Motif Edit. You are commenting using your WordPress.

In the Step Record mode, you are also permitted to add oawai remove rests, ties kaawai slurs, notes, bars, bar marks and bar rests. Centred on the panel, the top group allows access to the unit’s operational functions and the lower group accesses track numbers or note values when editing. You can also adjust velocity and gate time for individual notes as opposed to the Bar Edit functions, which can only adjust everything in a bar or group of bars.


That’s a lot of memory.

For one, the Owner’s Manual is sketchy in qq80 areas. I noticed in the junk area was a mint condition Kawai Q which in my opinion is a great little sequencer.

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If you want to save several versions of the same Song, you are also permitted to rename the Song in this mode so that another file with the same name will not be erased.

It has some excellent editing capabilities, making it a contender when shopping for a sequencer, either hardware or computer-based. In particular, I have found disk storage to be one of kawwi more useful additions to sequencers in general over the last few years. The Q works well in the studio and for live performances.

Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. The Step Back function allows you to return to the start point of the last note edited so that additional notes can be added or removed, if necessary.

As with other sequencers, the Q80 allows quantisation to be performed during recording. Disk operations are straightforward as well. For example, Step Record permits you to enter notes and chords one at a time chords can also be constructed by pressing the Chord button and entering the intervals one note at a time from the keyboard.

Please Contribute to mu: Why, then, would any manufacturer want to design another hardware sequencer? Bar editing permits you to delete a bar, group of bars, or entire Track, insert a bar or Motif into any point within a Track or Motif, erase a bar or group of bars this results in q8 rest q880 the bar lengths remain intactmix bars between Tracks or Motifs, and copy a bar or group of bars to another location within the same Track or Motif.

This site uses cookies. For example, the beat value might be set to 16th notes, where the Q80 will adjust notes to the nearest whole 16th.

What is extremely useful is the ability to use Tracks and Motifs together to achieve some very elaborate and intricate sequencing. If you are presently shopping for a sequencer of any kind, the Kawai Q80 is worth a serious look.


A feature like this is helpful if you change drum machines or the drum note assignments you normally work with.

Kawai Q Digital Midi Sequencer | eBay

The single most impressive feature on the Q80 is its ability to allow you to create songs in their kkawai, recording directly on the 32 tracks, or to “piece together” a song by recording parts as Motifs and then string a number of these segments together in a track to form a song. Kawai’s kwaai venture into hardware sequencers is the Q80, a powerful and flexible sequencer with a good-sized kawxi plus a disk drive. If you’re not familiar with current sequencer technology, some of the functions may not be as clearly covered as you might need.

There are numerous Bar Editing functions. Notify me of new posts via email. AQ allows you to quantise only those notes that are way off in timing, and leave those notes alone that are just a little out of time. The punch points can be entered by the use of a footswitch plugged into the rear panel.

A blank floppy is even included with the unit. Previous Article in this issue Playing The Game.

Kawai Q-80 Sequencer buy one get one free!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You cannot punch in or out in the middle of a measure. Will I use these extensively? I went up to the counter to buy it and the guy told me he had another one he would give me since I was interested in the device. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines. Similar to a pattern kwai a drum machine, a Motif is a separate memory area that can be used to create Song parts one at a time.

Hardware sequencers are still a viable alternative to computers and software as they’re easy to transport, easy to use and, lately, relatively affordable.